gardenbug and sarah

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gardenbug and sarah

I'm just wondering what's new with you all (aside from the pregnancy). Any recent pics of Ivy and Skylar to share?

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Oh good heavens! TONS of pictures....

Here's Skyler hamming it up with buddies in the new swimsuit I brought him- He likes a swim top because he gets cold in the water. (He's on the left. OYYY, 10 year old boys....))

Here's Sarah after her team won the season at co-ed hockey. (yes, at 16 weeks!)

Skyler and the neighbors practicing what Canadians love best...

Everyone had colds and sore throats, so Ivy was clingy. Here they are at the park.

Daddy and Skyler chatting up on the roof on a warm sunny day.


Playing together-

Wonder what area code she called....

Loves the aquariums...

Rocking with Tigger

Found the TP rolls....

Enjoys gardening...


Playing Canasta...

And napping with Daddy.

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Adorable! TFS.

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Ivy is so cute! I love the one of her playing with the cell phone. TFS all the pics!

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Sweet pics! TFS!!!

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So cute! TFS!