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Thread: GBS natural remedies/DH too

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    Default GBS natural remedies/DH too

    I googled GBS natural remedies and got tons of conflicting info.

    Is anyone working with a midwife that supports natural remedies and has some their midwife recommends?

    I was GBS negative at 10 weeks and hope that I still am, but I'm not taking any chances. My test is in 2.5 weeks and I hope it's not to late to get rid of it if it's there.

    I also plan on having DH do the same things, since I've read I could be clear of it and be getting it passed back to me from DH.

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    Ooh, good point about DH! I should have mine do it too. I'm a month out from my test, and I just started a regimine of Vitamin C + Bioflavinoids (got them at Trader Joe's--helps absorption), Echinacea, and some probiotics specifically formulated for women's urinary and reproductive health. I also eat a lot of garlic anyway, but I'm not specifically taking that every day--it was the other thing I heard recommended. I also eat yogurt every day anyway for breakfast, which can't hurt. And I feel good about my D supplementation, too, which is a major immune system boost.

    I have also been using a daily spritz of tea tree oil (diluted) down there, as I recently developed an external yeast infection. Seems to have cleared it right up! I'm just continuing ot do it anyway, thinking that can't hurt the GBS issue either, since the whole point is that it's a natural antibacterial/fungal/septic/ does sting a little bit but I much prefer that to the horrific itching I was suffering before.
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    My doula (first time around!) suggested that I but Tea Tree Oil suppositories. I can't remember if I was supposed to use them once or twice a day (I think twice), but she wanted me using them starting three days before my GBS test and I was negative, so it might have worked. Other than that, PP had some great suggestions! HTH!
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    Gosh, I had never even thought about DH having GBS and passing it back to me! Something to think about for next time....

    Anyway, I did the Vit C/echinacea/probiotics/garlic regimen. I don't remember if my MW recommended it or I suggested it after my own research, but she fully supported it. And it worked, I was negative.

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    I have had yeast problems this pregnancy and was looking for a natural way to control it and I came across this site

    It talks about garlic as a way to reduce the colonization of GBS. I know the garlic helps with yeast and it is safe so it can't hurt to try it for GBS.
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