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Well, it was a natural birth. If only labor actually lasted about 15 minutes.

Anyone else watch?

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Yep, and those were my thoughts too. It looked natural but it was crazy fast. Plus she didn't look full term either.

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I thought it was weird. Showing the birth in tandem with a preformance of "Bohemian Rhappsody"...just strange. Although during the refrain "let me go!" it did seem like she was trying to get upright to birth and the nurses were holding her down...interesting. I hated that everyone in the room, including her mom, baby's father, and friend, were all wearing what looked like sugical smocks. But basically it was a classic TV birth--began with "my water broke" and then a rush to the hospital, and then a few shots of chaotic screamimg and then she's handed a 2 month old.

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I'm a few weeks behind on Glee right now, but I watched the Dream On episode last night and was thinking that Quinn looked a lot less pregnant than I do at 26 weeks!!

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I agree that was weird. I watched and was yelling at the tv - let her move into a better position! The surgical gowns bugged me too.