GMS+ & link to PROM

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GMS+ & link to PROM

Anyone know anything of this?

I have a friend who had a 28 weeker with her 2nd...PROM is what caused the delivery. She's been GBS+ this entire pregnancy (she's 13 weeks now) and they're trying to get rid of it. They say GBS+ with my last pregnancy and I also had my waters break before labour kicked in.

Does anyone else know of a correlation?

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I have no idea but my cousin just had her baby a month and a half ago and she was induced, GBS+ and she told me that they broke her water just after all the antibiotics were finished.

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This is the first I've heard of any possible connection. My own births do not fit that pattern, but there are exceptions to every rule. I tested negative for GBS with my first and was induced due to leaking fluids and with my second, I tested positive and my water didn't break until I had just a lip of cervix left.

ETA: I do have a cousin who was a homebirth transfer for 18 hour membrane rupture and GBS+

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This is the first pregnancy I've been GBS + for - guess we'll see what happens. I was GBS - with DS and had PROM without contractions for almost 3 days.

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I've been GBS positive with all 4 pregnancies and have never had PROM. In fact, the only time my water has broken spontaneously was at delivery with my second baby... The rest were artificially ruptured once labor was well established.

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With D I had PROM and was GBS +. I think the fact that my water had been broken for so long is one reason why we ended up with a hospital transfer. Interesting correlation....

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I was GBS- and had PROM, but it was (most likely) caused by the external version that I had the day before.

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I was GBS- and PROM for both births... I guess I don't fit the bill!

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It's an interesting question. My SIL and I were talking about this a few months back, she has been GBS with both pregnancies & her water broke with her 1st but not her 2nd. She used hibiclens during the pregnancy & every 2hrs while in labor - it seemed to help a lot.

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GBS- negative with my 1st and had PROM. Interesting about the possible correlation.