great first midwife appointment!

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great first midwife appointment!

i know i posted a while back that i was going to meet with a midwife and decide whether to switch...i ended up having to postpone that appointment until today due to leaving town unexpectedly, so this afternoon i finally got to make the switch!

i had a wonderful conversation with both the nursing assistant and the CNM. they answered all my questions and let me talk a lot about my first birth experience and how i hope this experience will be different. they were very understanding and supportive, and the whole feel of the clinic is just much calmer and less-frantic than the OB clinic was. it feels like they are expecting everything to go well and confident in a woman's body's ability to bear a child, instead of expecting things to go wrong and doing all kinds of preemptive medical interventions. the CNM said "i am kind of a rebel, but i've learned how to get the nurses and hospital on my side so that women can have the unmedicated birth they want within the hospital." she said most of the midwives in the practice have given birth at home or naturally in other settings, so they advocate strongly for women who want to avoid medical intervention. she kept emphasizing that it's all about what i want for the birth, and no decisions will be made for me. if there are complications, they will make certain recommendations, but still respect whatever decision i make. she said i can leave within a few hours of the birth if i want, i don't have to get an IV or accept any other interventions, and i can have extended skin-to-skin with baby immediately after birth.

i'm just feeling so much better about how all this will go, and very empowered! i marched right next door to the OB office and signed the release form to transfer care and canceled my upcoming appointments there. Smile i really don't have anything against them in the OB clinic, i just know that the midwives are a better fit for me this time.

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That is great! I'm glad you are so much more comfortable! I know what you mean about feeling empowered and feeling better about how things will go. That's how I feel about my home birth. I always had fears, even though I had a great OB, about my other births. But with the decision of going with a midwife this time I just feel so at peace and feel so much more empowered by my decision.

I'm sure you will have an amazing birth as it sounds you are in GREAT hands! Smile

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That's awesome!! I'm glad you feel so comfortable and like this is the perfect fit!!

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This is so great Amanda! I'm so glad that your MW appt went so well!!

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Sounds like you found a great place! Yay for an awesome MW appt.!

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Sounds great!

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I am so glad you are happy with the change!

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so glad it was a great appt!!! congrats on the new mw's!