Great talk with my OB's wife

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Great talk with my OB's wife

Who also happens to be in the process of getting her CPM. She mainly does birth center and home births.

I have really been hung up on the monitoring thing. Truth be told, I don't want to be on the monitors at all past an initial strip. I would be ok with monitoring intermittently with a doppler (like most midwives would do at home for example). I know that the hospital requires continuous EFM because I am a VBAC (and especially since I am after 2c/s). The evidence shows that continuous monitoring does not improve outcomes but does raise the chance of c/s. I also know that the chance of rupture is very small, and though it does increase with a 2nd c/s, the increase is so minimal there really is no statistical value. Plus, if the idea is to labor at home as long as possible (as I have been encouraged to do by my OB), then I won't be on any monitors during that time either so why does it magically change when I go to the hospital?

So back to my talk with my OB's wife... She tells me that it is his standard practice to do delayed cord clamping and immediate skin to skin with the baby. I asked, "So they remind you as you are pushing to remove your top so that baby can immediately be placed skin to skin?!" And she said yes. That is awesome to me, and so beyond what I have experienced with other OBs. Also, he is really big on letting dads catch if they want to Biggrin Then I went on to ask about the monitoring. She in a nutshell tells me that the hospital requires him to highly encourage us to do the monitoring, but that he secretly hopes we don't agree to continuous (in the absence of any red flags and/or problems of course). She also said that if I decline, but agree to the doppler, that the nurses will honor my wishes, and not continue to bug me about it. You have no idea how happy and relieved this makes me!! She also went on to tell me that they often talk about what they would do if she were in the same situation (vbac after multiple c/s), and she said that honestly she would probably still choose to home birth, though the credentials and training of the MW attending her would be really important to her. All I really want is to be left alone to labor and birth my baby.

As for other news, I am 30 weeks already!! I cannot believe that the time is almost here. Some days I am really excited and at ease about the birth, and honestly some days I am just plain scared. I KNOW I can labor until complete without meds. I just pray every day that baby is in a better position than my last 2 and that there are no complications (including no meconium, etc). I just really hope this one will go smoothly. I've started back up with my hypnobabies course, and DH and I are doing several Birthing From Within sessions together in a couple of weeks. I look forward to them and I hope they will help me to work through some of the really strong emotions left over from DD and DS' births.

Totally just typed a book, so thanks for reading if you made it this far!!

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That's really fabulous! I had exactly that at the hospital where I delivered my first... initial monitoring (which I didn't let go on as long as they wanted, because I said I needed to change positions and screw them, I didn't care! Ha!) and then intermittent with a doppler, and because I was already pushing when I got to the hospital (everyone thought the baby was coming, but I was only a 6, but, my body was already pushing), they tried to put a gown on me and I growled that I didn't want a gown, so they were like, "Well, ok, but then you have to take your sports bra off too- you need to be able to do skin to skin." It is really a nice surprise when hospitals and nurses will support things like this! Smile

I hear ya on the "wanting to just be left alone to birth my baby" bit. That is exactly what I want too! I'll be thinking so many good thoughts for things to go that way for you!

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That's awesome!!

If you are worried about baby's position, there are things you can do to help baby get into the right position. Yoga's cat & Cow position (Pelvic tilts) and washing the floor on your hands an knees. Very old fashioned (some say sexist) but from the Midwives and Dr's I have talked to, it really works Smile

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That's so wonderful! That first skin to skin contact is so totally amazing! I remember when Trystan came out and I was handed him right away... he just laid there looking at me not crying or making any noise at all. It's as if the entire world had stopped happening and it was just the two of us... I'll never forget it. Congrats on hitting that 30 week mark as well!

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Sounds like you have a really great DR....I wish more were like that. I hope that all goes well with this birth and that you get the experience you are wanting!

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Sounds like you found a real gem. I am so hopeful for you that you get the birth you want this time...and it really sounds like you're on your way!