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Guess WHAT?

I got a BFP on a FRER yesterday, but the line was faint and I always like to do at least 2 tests after my experience in 2006 (false positive on a cheep brand that later got recalled--long story) and that one was my last test, so I picked up a digital last night, took it this morning, and there it was..."pregnant." I kept it to myself yesterday, with it being April Fools Day, I didn't want people to think it was a joke, plus I hadn't told DH yet--I wanted to tell him in a fun way and I really wanted him to be the first to know. Here's what I did:

I had mentioned a while ago that I wanted to try to make cinnamon rolls (I had never made them before). I did this recipe, so I started them yesterday. This morning, after I put them in the oven, I sat next to him on the couch and said "The buns are in the oven!" He gave me a questioning look, and then said "And they're not the only buns in the oven!" and pulled the two pregnancy tests out of my pocket! It was awesome! I told him that I'm due in mid-December. His first reaction was excitement, and a compliment on my cleverness, and then he started talking about how we have to get a new car and how we won't be traveling for Christmas this year.

I wasn't really expecting to get pregnant so soon (we were not preventing for about 6 months before we conceived both DD and DS), but I am excited about it. None of my pregnancies have ever been the kind of thing where I was aiming to have a baby born a certain month, and I believe this pregnancy at this time is what God wants for us.

No facebook or blog comments, please (I think I will wait to announce it on my blog until we are ready to tell everyone, because I have a link to my blog on facebook).

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CONGRATS!!! When I saw the title I just knew it;-)

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Congratulations! That is so exciting. Too bad we didn't get to share birth months this time either though. Sad But super excited for you!

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Wow Congrats!!! And I totally love how you told hubby! I wish I had thought of something special instead of standing in the house screaming it at him when he was sitting on the front porch... Wow... now that I type that out it looks worse than I thought! LOL It was happy screaming? at least? LOL *shuts up before she makes herself look worse*

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congrats and good luck!
My first was an April 1st BFP and mid-Dec EDD. Smile

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Congratulations! What a creative way to tell your DH. My DD was born 12/29 and while holiday birthdays aren't the easiest, it's possible to make them special and fun all the same. Just don't use Christmas paper on birthday presents and you'll be okay. Wink

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Also, I loved having a December baby because I wasn't huge during the heat of the summer, and I had a few months to get back in shape before shorts/swim season. It was great.

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Congratulations! The way you told DH is awesome. I tried telling my Dad by telling him I was cooking, had a bun in the oven. He so didn't get it.

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So, so exciting! Congratulations!

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How exciting Britanny! Congrats to you.

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that's great! Congrats!

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YAY!!!! Congrats!!! Biggrin :D What a fun way to tell your DH!

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Thanks, ladies Smile I looked for ideas of how to tell DH by doing a google search of "fun ways to tell husband you're pregnant" and I thought the cinnamon rolls one was perfect because I like to bake. This is the first time I've ever told him in a fun way--with the false positive, he was home when I tested, with DD, he was working and I told him as soon as he got home, and with DS, he was on campus studying and I called him

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Congrats!! That's exciting news! I was due in December with my second kiddo, and my daughter came early at the end of december as well. It's a very festive time to have a baby, for sure!

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Congratulations! That was such a cute way to break the news!

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Congratulations! So exciting!

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Congratulations! What a great way to tell DH (and that recipe looks yummy - Thanks for sharing)!

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Congrats!!! HH9M

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Congrats! I also guessed what you were going to say just from the thread title. How exciting! Smile

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Yay congrats! What a cute way to tell dh!

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Congrats on the BFP! Cute way to spill the beans!

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Congratulations! Smile

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Congrats! Love how you told him, you ARE clever! Smile