Had my home visit today

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Had my home visit today

And I enjoyed it, even though it wasn't very long. They basically went through everything to be sure that I had it all and went over everything left. I was surprised they did it this early (I won't be 36 weeks until Sunday) but they had another one to go to this morning so they figured get it done while they were both together (since I have 2 midwives that work together). They did my blood pressure and baby's HR and all was well with that. They also had a chance to meet my doula (and I had my chance to pay her the retainer fee) so I'm so excited that it's all coming into play. The only bummer thing I had to hear was that I wasn't allowed to fill up and use the birth pool until after they arrived, unless I was getting super close then they would tell DH over the phone how to fill it up but that's it. But they did say I could take as many baths and showers as I wanted so if need be, I'll hang out in the bathtub for a bit.

I'm not sure what DH thought about it, he arrived a little late but in time to go over all the supplies and for one of the ladies to show him how to make our bed (for labor/delivery) even though I'm *hoping* to do it all in the birth tub. When he gets home tonight I'll see what he thinks, because I know for sure he's been 100% more involved so far in this process than he ever really was in the hospital for DD's birth. We schedule the remaining 3 visits and was told if baby doesn't come by her EDD then I'll have an appointment scheduled later on that week, so I'm VERY excited! --- Just had to share Smile

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Sounds like a good home visit! Don't worry about it being too early, you gotta go over the stuff at some point so early isn't bad. Bummer about not being able to fill up the tub earlier. LOL...ok I'd be the person that would want to test out the pool at 35 weeks and swim around in it, my DS would be totally into it to. Can't believe you are already hitting your 36th week and only have 3 visits left! Wow, time is flying!

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Oh yea, my kids & I would probably fill up the pool the night we got it and swim around in it every night til delivery Biggrin ahhhh.....wouldn't that be fantastic?! Put the pool in the living room and while everyone is watching t.v. you could just hang out in it, I love swimming/floating when I'm preggo so I'd be in trouble with a birth pool in my house.

I can't believe you are getting this close either! How exciting! Can't wait to hear what DH thought about your visit today.

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Glad it went well! I can't believe you're so close!