Has anyone seen this video?

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Has anyone seen this video?


I saw it while watching a show on HGTV. How sad:(

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Yes! I've seen it. It is sad and so true. The great thing is that commercials and articles and all kinds of information is beginning to make it to the public... which in turn is leading to much better education for some people, and it is also forcing a lot of change to hospital policy, etc.

I'm so glad that people are starting to speak out and stand up for themselves and their babies!!

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Would you mind giving a brief description of what this video is before I click on it?

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What Elizabeth said - I am too emotional to randomly click on videos these days Wink

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Oh ladies, it's nothing like that!! It is that AngiesList.com commercial. It's like a monologue of her birth experience. Doctor decides she "needs" to be induced... fast forward... She goes into hard labor and the doctor has to leave for a "meeting" and then she sees him walking out in his tennis clothes or something like that. It is basically a doctor review type site that they are advertising I think.

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