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Thread: Have you been criticized for natural birth?

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    Honestly I see nothing wrong with the photo (it is powerful).....but the slant of the article you linked to bothered me. I don't believe that every woman who might not want to share such an intimate moment with the world, or who might not want to birth like this woman are just "jealous", or failures. That is a really weird take from the author of the article. It's one thing to want what you want, it is another to assume that everyone who wants different is just jealous of you. Very arrogant, IMO. I was supported in all of my birthing choices, and offer the same support to other mothers, even those who choose EC'S or whatnot.

    To me, this is a case of "put it out there". I was very protective of my birth photos, they were some of the most intimate moments of my life. Had I felt differently, had I chosen to try to win a contest with them or whatnot, I would accept that people may not be polite. Thats life. Is it nice? Not really. But when one is trying to win money with ones birth photo, one should probably expect comments for and against. That is why I (personally) would not enter my birth photography into a competition. If anything in life ought not be competitive, it's birth.

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    This will be my third planned homebirth, and I think my friends are just resigned to my being somewhat of a non-conformist (though that's certainly not my motivation for having homebirths). I haven't gotten any flack, really, concerning this one, except my one good friend emphasizing "Well, at least you're right down the street from the hospital in case something goes wrong" numerous times. I think people definitely thought I was crazy when I was planning my first hb. After Finn was born (at home) and we had to rush him to the ER later because he was spitting up blood and it turned out he had a duodenal atresia and Down syndrome, later a good friend asked me if I was still glad I had had him at home. As if having him at home caused or had anything at all to do with his having Down syndrome. A resounding YES, I am to this day glad I had him at home.

    I definitely think that it's common for people to become defensive about their own choices and experiences when faced with a very different choice/experience, even if that different scenario isn't asking anyone to defend their own choices.
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    I find that the most supportive for a natural birth are MEN. Women tell me how crazy I am, that I will give in to the pain, why would I put my baby through that...oh the list goes on and on. I have started laughing when women go on like this. (Possibly rude, but I find it very funny).

    Men on the other hand, I have found are incredibly supportive. Many say hey it's how our ancestors did it, or how they do it in 3rd world countries and how animals do it so why can't humans...
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