Haven't been around much.

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Haven't been around much.

How's everyone? I have been super busy with my 5 kiddos. We are TTC one more baby. Hopefully, I get another Easter BFP (3rd year in a row..LOL)

pico83 (not verified)

Good luck! Are you planning to test right on easter again? Or is that too late?

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Wow Mindi, you are super mom! I don't know how you do it. Having my boys 19 months apart was close enough for me. Smile We aren't TTC yet but we really aren't doing much to prevent. Just using condoms around O time. Which as you know, this month has me all sorts of confused. Now i'm wondering if I O'd on CD 11 and I missed it, or if I'm still just waiting to O. My CM switches between watery and EWCM. :shrug: I'll figure it out though, I hope. Heck maybe with all the confusion DH will say screw it and we'll just start TTC. Wink A woman can hope right? lol.

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hi, Mindie! Good luck concieving your sixth!

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wow, DH would die of a heart attack if we had that many, lol. Still I think its great. I have 5 syblings myself so I'm used to bigger families. GL with TTC and lots of easter baby dust!

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Good luck! Easter is just around the corner Smile