HB and Birthing Pools

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HB and Birthing Pools

I haven't been around much, I've been without a laptop for quite some time now but should be getting my new one within the next week, yay! Anyway, I got my birth kit list from my midwifes and I've been looking it over. I'm borrowing a friend's birth tub so I only have to buy the liner and a hose, my question is, I'm wondering how long of a hose I'm going to need.

For those who have already given birth or those who plan to, how are you filling yours up? Did you use the sink, bathtub (although I don't see how you would need a faucet adapter that way), washer, water heater? I have no idea but that'll be the deciding factor in the length of the hose to get. I've found 25 feet and 50 feet ones. Also, where's the best place to buy one? (online or at an outdoor/pet supply store?)

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I got a regular garden hose from Walmart. It's yellow and I think it was like $8. I'm going to have the tub in the kitchen, which is also where my washer is, so we are using the washer connection to fill it. I didn't even end up needing a faucet adaptor or anything, it fit perfectly. We did need a pair of pliers though to get the hoses unscrewed. It just depends on how far you are from your water source as to what length of hose you would need. I didn't need anything too long, so I just went with the standard length

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I rented a birth pool and it came with the hoses I would need. One for filling (clean water) and one for draining (dirty water) and they were both 25 feet, which was plenty of length from our bathroom sink to where the pool was set up. Even though my pool had a heater, I used hot water to fill it so it was ready shortly after it was set up, rather than taking a day or two to come up to temp from cold water. I didn't need an adapter, but I did need a wrench to get the hoses off even though they went on my faucet without a problem.