?? for HBAC Mamas...

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?? for HBAC Mamas...

Or anyone else who may have some insight. Come out, come out, wherever you are!!

Was labor shorter for you at home?

I have googled and googled and cannot find any studies on birth location and length of labor. It would be a hard thing to study because second labors tend to go faster than first labors, and there are so many other factors. I am really interested to see if there is any relationship between how long labor lasts and where it takes place. The old argument is that the more comfortable you are, the quicker things will progress... is this really true?

Did anyone have a really long labor leading to c/s, and then go for an HBAC and have a really short labor? THAT is what I am visualizing for myself Wink

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No advice except that the conventional wisdom (comfort = faster labor) makes perfect sense to me! For lots of reasons both quite scientific and unscientific. That's what I'm visualizing too... Smile

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Hmmm...mine definitely was shorter for my hbac but I don't think it really counts. With dd#1 I was in labour for 33hrs and I count labour from the minute I knew it was labour until birth. And for dd#2 I was in labour for about 18hrs. The reason I don't think it counts is because with DD#1 she had the cord wrapped around her neck 4 times and my labour didn't really follow conventional lines.

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Ariel, that's all I've ever heard/read/been taught (even in nursing school). The more comfortable you are, the easier it is for labor to progress therefore the faster it goes. When I worked in L&D, I can't tell you how many times women would come in only to have their labor completely STOP and they would either have to go home, or get pitocin. The human mind is a very powerful thing, and walking into a hospital or unfamiliar setting is enough to stop contractions in their tracks.