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Thread: He changed his mind

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    Talking He changed his mind

    I got my husband to change his mind (again) about homebirthing!

    Now I have some work to do. Have to interview and choose a midwife. But since there are only 2 in my town and 2 in towns fairly closeby, it shouldn't take long for me to figure it out. Should I be leery of hiring a direct-entry midwife? What are some things I should be sure to think/ask about?

    This is all so exciting! I'm eager to see how different midwives are than an obgyn. I see my doctor for maybe 2 minutes, at the most. She just listens to for the heartbeat, nods her head, and says "Ok, see you back in 4 weeks." All with barely any eye contact, no Q&A, nothing. A doula I spoke with yesterday said to expect 30-45 minutes of just conversation about how the pregnancy is going. I really do hope it is that much different!

    Random home birthing question-
    In the hospital my baby's doctor would come and check on him/her. Then we'd set up an appointment for 3 or 4 days later.
    How does that work for home births?
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    Yay for trying the homebirth!! I hope you find just the right MW for you!

    My MW appointments last about an hour and we talk about everything from the pregnancy to my 2 year old to work and life and her kids and whatever else comes to mind. It is SOO mich nicer than the 2 min. in-and-out at the OB.

    I had the same questions about the pediatrician so i asked at DS's 24mo. check-up on Monday. She said to call her office the day the baby is born and make an appointment for the next day. If the baby comes during the weekend then we will have to sit tight 'till Monday unless there is an emergency, in which case we go straight to the ER and she would meet us there. Call your pediatrician's office and double check their procedure.

    Hope you have a lot of fun with the MW and a nice and easy homebirth!
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    I hope the 2 midwives in your area are not already booked. In my DD's case she almost needed to ask permission to conceive!

    Years ago when I had my kids the OB was very good and I was given a great deal of conversation time when I needed it prior to the births. The pediatrician checked out the children before they left the hospital and discussed his findings with me. We continued to have a great relationship after that.

    DD's midwife had hour long checkups which sometimes lasted even longer! Her DSS also enjoyed attending those and listening to the heartbeat etc...

    With DD's midwife, she visits with baby regularly over the 6 weeks following the home birth. Early on, the MW comes to her home, later on DD goes to her clinic. DD also takes baby to the family doctor for regular checkups. He too gives her all the time she needs.
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    Congrats, that's fantastic!

    I'm not sure in the US what sorts of licensing and whatnot is required for direct entry, as it is different from state to state, as far as I understand it. But here in Canada almost all our midwives are 'direct entry' - they don't do nursing first, they just have a 4 year bachelors degree in midwifery.

    As for office visits, with my first m/w (delivered my first 2) she and I would sit and chat for an hour, easily. This m/w is much more down to business, so our visits are quicker, but she's still very interested in how the preg is going, how my kids are (she's the head m/w, so was there for the birth of both kiddos), etc etc. I'd say 30-40 mins on average. And she's both times gotten out the u/s to give me a peek at the babe, when we couldn't find the h/b easily.

    As far as after the birth, I think that too varies depending on where you are. But here, our m/w is the babes primary care provider for the first 6 weeks unless there's a serious complication which needs referral to a ped specialist. She does a follow up at our home at 24 hours, 48 hours and then like 4 or 5 days. Then once a week until 6 weeks.
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    Yay for a midwife and a homebirth, I'm still waiting to see how my DH is going to handle it when I tell him I really want a homebirth, right now I'm a bit up in the air, so he doesn't have to full out worry yet LOL.

    My midwives are great, I spend about an hour an appointment with them, near the end of pregnancy they do home visits and then after baby comes they do home visits starting at day 2 I believe.

    I hope you get a midwife that can take you they're sooo awesome

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    yay for DH being on board (or at least open to the option)

    my MWs are in a birth center...my first visit was an hour long get to know you, take history thing. subsequent visits are 20-30 minutes, but it is a lot more personal than the OB. like a pp said, they want to know about you, how life is going, etc.

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    Yay for going for your homebirth and having DH on board!

    I've loved having the MW I have this time, haven't even seen an OB at all. Our appts. are so much more personal, take an entire hour, and I feel so connected to her. Best experience ever.

    After our birth the MW will check my LO of course the day of, next day, 1 week out, and 6 weeks out. We also have set up with a local ped. to do any newborn screening and checks that we might want. We are supposed to call him the day we deliver (or labor) and set up to come in within 1-3 days later and he will order any tests from the hospital we might want. As of right now we are having the PKU screening done and visiting the on staff LC for good measure.
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    My MW appts are always one hour long --except for the first one, that is two hours long. WOOT! Love it.

    As for baby care-- my MW comes the next day, then 4 days out, then one week out. Then you see her again at 2weeks and 6 weeks....and really anytime you need. if you are having latch issues or anything, she'll just come by. MWs are amazing.

    Congrats-- Ihad to convince my dh and now he is the biggest HB advocate. Seriously.
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    Congratulations! My dh also became a hb convert after our births.
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    That is great news. The mw I was going to use is the one who checks the baby after birth.
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