Hello, introductions

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Hello, introductions

Hi all! I am thinking of doing a home birth. Currently interviewing doulas and reading as much as I can.

A little background info...
I am 18 weeks pregnant with baby #3, due Feb 12, 2011. I have been giving some very serious thought to home birthing (although everyone thinks I'm crazy). With my first baby, I was induced at 36w5d, at the suggestion of my doctor. There really was no reason to do so, but as a first time mom I trusted that my doctor knew best. That was a "wonderful" 49 hours of labor, that resulted in a healthy 5lb,5oz baby girl. I was so uncomfortable laying in that hospital bed for 2 full days, without being able to move, eat, or sleep.
With my second child, I went into labor naturally at 37w3d. When I arrived at the hospital, I was 4cm dilated. The nurses tried for hours to contact my doctor, with no luck. Apparently she was out of town and didn't tell anyone. After my epidural, the labor basically stopped -for hours I did not dilate. Then after 13 hours of labor, a doctor that I never met delivered (he barely made it in time) a healthy 5lb,15oz baby boy. I really want things to be different this time around.

So that's a bit about me and my birth experiences. I am very excited to be here.

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Congratulations and welcome! Homebirths are awesome. Smile

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Congrats on your pregnancy and welcome!
Yay for choosing a HB this time!

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Congratulations and welcome!

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Congrats and welcome!

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Congrats on your pregnancy, I'm thinking of a homebirth too. Good luck with yours Biggrin

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Congrats and welcome!! The ladies here are AWESOME support for HBs.

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I just had my 3rd homebirth. Never having had a hospital birth, I have nothing to compare it to. I do, however, have fast labours that give very little warning, and would never want to be in a vehicle to go to the hospital for even the 5 minute ride! Instead, I've birthed in my backyard hot tub twice (AWESOME), and been at home with family and select friends throughout.

The care from a midwife is awesome too. Knowing exactly who you are dealing with, being able to talk with her about concerns etc at any time (phone call away, even at 1am), hour long appointments, homeopathic remedies, and support when various things come up (issues related to loss, medical, family) and all concerns are just as important as each other. MW care is full personal and family care. You aren't just a blood pressure and pee stick!

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! I had my 4th child in May and had my first home birth. I loved it and wish may other kids were born at home too! This board is a great place for support, especially if you haven't got a lot of real life support around you.

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Congrats on your pregnancy and your choice for a HB! Welcome to the board!

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Welcome to the board! I think you'll find that the people (doctor, midwife, doula) that you choose goes a very very long way to your birth expereince. I had a great natural birth in a hospital so if you decide the homebirth route isn't for you, a great birth expereince is still possible even in a hospital!

Good luck with your doula search!

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Welcome and congrats on baby #3! Good luck with all the decisions you are making!

That's really eird that with your first your doctor wanted to induce you so early without even expaining why he thought that was a good idea.

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welcome and congrats on your pregnancy. your EDD is my DS's birthday Smile Good luck with deciding on a birth location, provider and doula. My first was a natural birth in the hospital with an OB and a doula...this time I am going to a midwife at a birth center. Like Mel said above, doing what you are comfortable with is very important...so if you end up deciding homebirth, who cares what everyone else thinks!

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Thanks ladies!!

I'm a bit bummed right now. My husband decided that he's not on-board with a homebirth any longer. And it was his idea to begin with! Men... I still have plenty of time to talk him back into it. This is supposed to be our last baby and I really don't want to go to the hospital. They pressure you into doing things their way and don't really care what you had planned (from my experiences).
With my first, I specifically told them that I wanted to wait for an epidural and try to do it naturally. Doc nodded her head and said "just get the epidural" And I just followed their lead... After all, they went to school for this and do it all the time. Therefore they know what their talking about. Me, being a first timer, I knew nothing...
And it was just one thing after another. Induction, cervidil, cytotec, IV, antibiotics, pitocin, some kind of narcotic, epidural... I am seriously surprised I didn't end up with a Csection. I should have stood up for myself.

Now I feel this urge to do a homebirth, to sort of bring me closure. Sounds weird, I guess. And I know that in the hospital, they won't be willing to do a lotus birth. My voice would mean squat. Sorry, I'm starting to ramble...

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Welcome & congrats on your pregnancy.

I'm sorry DH seems to have changed his mind. I think that you should continue to discuss options with him. If you wind up deciding on a hospital birth, I would use a m/w and a doula to help support you and the choices you make. Have you looked into the option of a birth center for a middle ground? Good luck!

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sorry your DH changed his mind about the homebirth. Did he say why he doesn't want to do it anymore?

I have had 2 hospital births (1 induced/epidural and 1 natural) and I know that having a supportive doctor or midwife goes a long way in getting what you want. I wish I could have had doulas for my births, I think that would have helped, too.