Hello! New here! :)

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Hello! New here! :)

Hi ladies,

I am finally popping over here to get more into the NCB convo. Dirol A little about myself, for those that don't me.

DH and I have been married for 2 1/2 years - married in July 08. In November of 2008 we found out were expecting our first child, a very welcomed surprise (OK, took some adjusting but ya know, it all works out!). At 6 weeks, with that pg, I could feel something wasn't right. I had just moved to the area and didn't have a doc yet. So we went to the ER. There the doc told us we were miscarrying. U/S showed a HB of 72 bpm and with my lessening pg symptoms and bleeding, it was most likely. The doc also threw in the fact that I had a 'bicornuate' or 'heart shaped' uterus. BUT he said it hsouldn't be an issue with future babies. We left so disappointed.

After several U/Ss and doc appts, we still had our baby! Yahoo We watched her grow healthy and strong. I was monitored by the perinatologist every 2 weeks until ~26 weeks. Then my OB saw me every 2 weeks from there. At 33 weeks I went into preterm labor. The doc that checked me first said I was a good 4cm and she could feel something bulging but didn't want to check further. At the hospital they said I was only 3 cm and nothing was bulging at that point. Chances are, the first doc checked me mid-contraction. I was ctx'ing every 3-4 min and I didn't feel any of them. They were able to stop everything and we didn't go back in to L&D until 40w, 2d!

Grace's birth was wonderful! It was a natural delivery. My labor went pretty quickly and smoothly. I started ctx'ing at ~3am and we were holding her by 1pm that afternoon. That was with 2 hours of pushing. :mad: So there are some things I want to change this go-round. I'm looking forward to it though! Smile

With my uterus condition I am at risk for preterm labor, intrauterine growth restriction, and incompetent cervix. My cervix held well with Grace and hasn't shown any change with this baby yet, either. So that's wonderful! I do wonder if started slowing down in growth though. She was a healthy weight at 6 lb 14 oz, but all measurements and weight gained essentially stopped a few weeks prior to delivery. Not too uncommon but I still wonder. So we'll see how Charlie does in a few weeks. Smile

ETA: I'm pretty sure that I have a septate uterus and not bicornuate. With both babes we've seen a very distinct, very clear 'wall' in the middle of my uterus. It's possible that it's both septate and bicornuate, but in any case, I'm thankful that I've been able to conceive and carry two babies. That's not the case for many women with uterus anomalies!

Well, that's me in a nutshell. I now stay home with my darling girl and I am looking forward to meeting my little man in just a short 12 weeks or so! YAY! Yahoo

Really looking forward to getting to know you ladies and learning lots.

:icecream::icecream::icecream: for all! Wink

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glad to see you over here. I'm glad things are going well with you at this point. Do you have any special plans with Charlie? Are you going to try other birthing techniques?

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Welcome to the board!

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Thanks gals! I suppose I should have saved some of the intro for my lodge when that time comes. Sorry, didn't know how this all works. Smile

Tiff, I do want to change some things for this delivery.
The doc at Grace's had me pushing on my back. Dh was behind me helping me to sit up when I pushed but it was no good. I pushed for 2+ hrs with little to no progress. Ended up tearing (not horrible but still...) and the doc ended up using the vacuum anyway. So I will avoid all of that as much as possible. Smile

Debating getting a doula too. Just praying about it and hoping for some peace about it one way or another.

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Welcome! You have a lot to worry/think about, but it is wonderful that you have been through it all before and have some idea that your body can handle it.

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