Hello, old friends! A question on homebirth in idaho
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Thread: Hello, old friends! A question on homebirth in idaho

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    Default Hello, old friends! A question on homebirth in idaho

    Hey ladies, not sure if any of you remember me from a year and half or so ago. I've been off pg.org trying to balance the amount of time I spend on the computer... turns out I'm not great at moderationBut I have a question and I don't know a more resourceful group of NCB mommas than this forum so, here goes: a friend's sister is in Rexburg, Idaho (teeny LDS college town) and wants to try for a homebirth but cannot for the life of her find a midwife. She's under the impression homebirth midwifery may even be illegal in Idaho (wqhich I'm pretty sure isn't true, not sure where she got that idea). I know we have some LDS ladies on here, or maybe other ladies familiar with Idaho laws on the subject... any hints on finding a midwife?I've already looked on ICAN, doesn't seem particularly active in that region.
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    I dont know the answer but I hope she finds a midwife! Homebirth is amazing!
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    Just googled and found idahomidwives.org and they have a list of midwives. Not sure how current their info is but it might be a good place to start. Good luck to your friend, everyone should have to rights and right services to be able to homebirth
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    Hi Jenn! How are you?
    I live in Idaho and I am pretty sure that isn't illegal...I know a bunch of ladies that have had homebirths. However, I do not know how to find any in that area. If she isn't able to find homebirth m/w I know of a practice there that has 3 m/w that deliver in the hospital. I hope she is able to find a mw so she can have her home birth.
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    No advice at all but I hope you can find some good answers!
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