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    I too never paid any attention to the delivery of the placenta, because I was too busy with baby lol! But this time around I paid attention and even wanted to see it when it came out. It took about ten minutes to deliver it, and the OB said everything looked perfect and healthy. If you're having a hospital birth it's almost always their practice to administer pitocin into your IV (generally without your knowledge) immediately after delivery to speed up the process of the delivery of the placenta. There can be complications if it stays inside of you for more than thirty minutes after baby is born... it can cause hemmorage and many other things. I'm sure everything would be perfectly fine and it would come out on it's own most of the time, but this is just my OB's practice, so that's all of the knowledge that I have on the matter lol! My OB did massage my abdomen, and again this is just to get it to come out quickly... it doesn't hurt at all. I didn't have to push at all to expell the placenta, it just kind of slid right out. I got my skin to skin right away, but they took him to get his apgars and weigh him, so it was at that time that it came out, so I was able to pay attention.
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    okay, this has all been really helpful. i will talk to my MW about it at my next appointment and find out what the MW group's standard practice is or what the hospital typically does so that i can figure out what needs to go in my birth plan. i would prefer that it come out on it's own, but i'm open to a shot of Pitocin and/or fundal massage if necessary. i am not planning to have an IV or heplock, so the Pit would have to be by injection. i am just relieved to know that in most cases, the momma can just be focused on baby and delivering the placenta isn't a huge ordeal. but it also helps to hear about those of you who had a different experience, so that i know what the possible scenarios are. the more information i have, the better prepared i feel.

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