hemp seeds or EPO

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hemp seeds or EPO

Has anyone here eaten the shelled hemp seeds instead of taking EPO? I was recommended it by someone at the health food store. It tasted pretty good so I got a bag and i searched online and seems like it'd be fine instead but didn't know if I should get a bottle of EPO to take with it. Any one tried it?

Anyone else taking either one? If you are taking EPO when did you start taking it and also how much orally/vag? I don't figure it'd hurt to take both (when i'm term) but not sure how much. If you're doing the Hemp seeds how much are you taking? the guy at the health food store said a teaspoon but the bag says 2 tablespoons. Its the stuff from manitobaharvest.com

I"m not going to take full doses of anything until i'm term if i even start it before then.

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I've never heard of hemp seed to induce labour, it is a great source of Omega 3s, though and all sorts of other great nutrients. We frequently add a tablespoon or two on top of salads and stuff, or add some to smoothies. I also put it on oatmeal if i'm going to have some and I remember! It has so many benefits, but I never heard about it to induce labour...