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hi again

Hey ladies I know i"m not around much but i'm excited and had to share. I live in Louisiana which has one of the highest c/s rates in the country. There are very few midwives in the entire state and even less homebirths between not having enough hbmw and the restrictions on them. Well the city i live next to is putting in a midwifery course at the local community college with one of the local MW's. It will be all the trained needed to be nationally certified at the end of it. I've thought about doing it for a few years now but now that i'm done having kids and Trsytan's getting older (14 months already) I'm thinking more and more about doing this. I'll have to take a semester or two first of prereq's but the course starts every january and takes 5 semesters (roughly) and then however long for the required births. They've been working for a while to get the laws up-to-date as well and it looks like a real possibility to happen soon.

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That is so exciting!!! I hope you are able to do it. Totally share with us once you start your courses in the future. Can't wait to hear all about it when you do.

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Darn. I thought you were announcing another pregnancy. Good luck with schooling though.

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that's pretty cool! i couldn't handle all the science-y stuff, but have definitely considered being a doula once our kids are a little older. it's amazing how having a good NCB has inspired me to want to help others have the same experience. sounds like that's been your experience, too Smile

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lol I'm so done having kids lol.. I just like babies Smile

Thanks, I'm excited. Wish I could start in Jan. Dang prereq's. I almost took them when I was in college a few years ago, but ended up not being able to keep up with the biology. I know I can do it, I was just taking too much last time.

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I thought you were announcing another pregnancy too and I was a tad miffed you didn't say anything on our board ;).

That's awesome! I've had fleeting thoughts about dropping out of grad school to become a midwife. Very fleeting thoughts. I'm a tad too blunt to be the supportive person most women need. If you need any help with biology/chemistry pre-reqs shoot me questions!

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Add me to the "I thought you were pg again";)

That's great news! GL getting those pre-r's taken care of! Wonder what laws will be changing? They definitely need updating...

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Connie, They're trying to change the requirement of having everyone get they're own doc to approve a homebirth since there are only a handful of docs in the area that will give the required 36 week approval needed to legally have a homebirth/birthcenter birth.. Oh and soon the birth center in town will take medicaid! so yay considering how many prego moms are on it. They're also trying to change a few other things.

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That's so exciting! And I love your boy's name lol... same spelling and everything!

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how very excited! gl and what a great thing to look forward to!