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Hi and an intro!

Hi all!

I'm about 8 weeks pregnant with baby #3, due January 4th. I'm planning on natural / low intervention birth with a CNM in a hospital. I had an amazing labor with my DD, who is 15 months old, and I'm pretty excited to experience it all again. Her labor was very short -- 2.5 hours -- and I'm actually hoping to have a longer labor this time. I know, that sounds nutty, but it was TOO short. It was a whirlwind, and I never even got settled into my room before I had to push! Everything seemed like it was over before it began. And, DD was stunned from the birth and needed a bit of help (her first apgar was a 3!). This is definitely a birth anxiety I'm going to have to work through -- I'm scared about another fast labor where the baby struggles.

Anyways, hope to be posting around here a bit more!

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Welcome! I can understand why you would be nervous. How was your first birth?

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welcome and congrats. I'd personally love that short of a labor right now, but without your scare. I hope all goes well for you and baby!

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Two and a half hours is a very fast labor--that fits the definition of "precipitous birth." Short labors and long labors each have their own unique challenges--long labors are usually easier in the beginning, but they get exhausting and short labors are more intense and you dont have as much time to build up endorphins in your body. Wanting it to not be so short makes sense to me. I had an 11 hour labor with my DS, and it was actually perfect for me, though some people would think that was long :). Congrats on your pregnancy and welcome to the board!

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Welcome and congrats!

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"mommys" wrote:

Welcome! I can understand why you would be nervous. How was your first birth?

DS's birth was tough, but for other reasons. I knew I didn't want an epidural....the thought terrifies me. But, that was all I knew! I was very lucky to give birth in a baby-friendly hospital where the nurses respected your birth plans, and I was never, ever asked if I wanted one. Even when I was well into a pitocin-induced labor for 'not progressing.' I in no way needed pitocin, but I wasn't informed enough and took my OB's word. I was progressing .5cm / hr rather than the textbook 1 cm / hr. I really regret no knowing more, as the contractions after the pitocin were out of control. I did manage through w/o an epi, but my experience was not great. I was basically in a stupor, passing out in between contractions. DS was posterior, so I pushed for 2.5 hours, and he was only 37 weeks, and had trouble maintaining his temp. His first apgar was a 6 (what's up with my babies!) And the next day I felt like I'd been hit by a truck!

So, I vowed to be more informed next time and found an awesome group of CNMs. It's interesting, because DD was obviously in more distress after her birth than DS was. But....after DS was born, things were so panicked and everyone was freaking, so of course so was I. With DD, the midwife was so calm, I had no clue there was any great distress. Turns out, DD was blue, floppy, and getting her chest pumped. But, my midwife remained calm and kept me calm. DD perked right up, but it just proved to me how important having a great support team for the birth is. Even with the scary events at the end, DD's labor and birth was still an awesome experience.

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the best thing about thirds is that they are known for being nothing like your previous births. One way or another, third babies are known for throwing moms and caretakers for a loop - so let's hope it's a good loop you're in for!

Congrats! and welcome to the board!

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Welcome to the board!

I have a friend that has had two short labors like yours and from her stories, I can totally understand what you mean about it being too much to handle.

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Congrats and welcome!

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