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Hi and a Question

Hi, girls! I see some familiar faces here (Mara, Jordan, Susan, Drake!)

My name is Suzanne, and I've been lurking a lot but have been afraid to post just because I was a bit unsure of how my birth is going to go. The fear is gone now, though. I went through the HypnoBabies home course and am very excited to rock the scripts during birthing time. I will be birthing in a hospital--there are no birth centers any where near me, and I'm not sure enough of myself to do a homebirth.

My guess date is April 25th, so she could come at any time. My question revolves around GBS. I've been diagnosed positive, which is very new to me, since I was negative with both of my boys. I had been planning to labor at home for as long as possible before heading to the hospital, but now I'm wondering if that could inadvertently harm my little girl. Does anyone have any experience with this? I've seen reports that if the antibiotics aren't administered for at least 3 hours, the chance of my baby getting GBS complications are 1 in 200. I guess what I'm really asking is that you please help me feel confident in my ability to labor at home!

Both of my previous births have been with epidurals, so I'm not quite sure how long (or maybe more appropriately how short) an epi-free birth could be. My last one, I got to the hospital dilated to 6 and had him 5 hours later. Maybe I'm worried for nothing and will get there in plenty of time. I really don't want to be there for longer than I need to be though. I'm sure you all understand that!

And thanks in advance for any words of encouragement you might be able to send my way Biggrin

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Hello and Welcome!

Actually, I think you’ll find a good discussion of GRS right here: http://www.pregnancy.org/bulletinboards/showthread.php?t=604194

It’s just a couple below your post! A couple opinions and research and ideas on how to proceed. You’ll find a better summary there than I can give you right this second!

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There can be some issues surrounding GBS+ status and a hospital birth if a mom doesn't get there early enough to get abx during labor (3+ hours before the birth). These include things like the hospital staff wanting to give abx to the baby after the birth and further testing (some of which can be rather invasive, depending on the policies at that hospital). One option to consider is to take measures to kill the GBS and ask to be re-tested. If it comes back negative, people should leave you alone and you'd be fine to stay home for awhile.

When I was GBS+ for one of my home births my mw treated with a Hibiclens wash as an alternative to abx. That labor was really short (3 hours), so there wouldn't have been time for abx anyway. The wash clears any GBS out of the birth canal so that the baby doesn't come into contact with it during the birth.

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I'm going to check that post out!

I do know that hospitals tend to want to keep babies who mothers didn't get enough abx during the birthing time for observation. I suppose I will have to have a word with them about those procedures you're talking about Laura. I knew you ladies were informed and would have good info to arm myself with.