Hiring a HB Midwife

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Hiring a HB Midwife

We're interviewing a hb midwife in 1 1/2 weeks. Honestly, it's kind of a formality because she's pretty much my only option for a hb midwife in the area. BUT I guess if red flags came up I'd go with a mw in a hospital setting as a last resort. I really really want my water birth at home though. Water birth isn't an option in the hospitals around here.

Anyways, I've started a list of Qs for the mw, but I'm sure you experienced ladies have great ideas on questions to ask and things to look for. So, I'm all ears!

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This is the list of questions that's in the resource stick on this board. I've yet to do a midwife interview so I won't be much help but I remembered seeing this and thought I would copy and paste it for you. Smile Good luck!

Question Set for Interviewing Midwives/Doctors

Midwife Questions:

List Compiled by Robinna, Carmen19b, 24me, & fuchsiasky:

I would want to know:
- the structure of the practice; does she work with other MWs, OBs, nurses.
- Does she have hospital priviledges, and at what hospital.
- Does she do home births.
- who attends the actual birth
- what are her % rates for epidurals, episiotomies, transfer to OB
- does she catch breeches, and if not, who does she refer you to for a vaginal breech birth (this is important because by the time a persistent breech is diagnosed there's very little time to find a new caregiver; better to have a plan in place that you don't need than to deal with no plan at 37 wks)
- What are the circumstances under which she transfers to the hospital?
- How long is she willing to wait after your water breaks?
- What's her philosophy on birth?
- Is she hands-on or hands-off?
- Does she work with an assistant or midwifery student?
- How long past your due date is she comfortable with letting you go to?
- What tests does she require?
- definitely ask how many midwives are in the practice, which one will be there for the birth...
-what's their policy on big fetuses
-how do they monitor health of overdue babies, what would they do in alarm scenarios
-have them give you an overview of care - what can you expect for the rest of pregnancy/delivery
- what does she know about alternative medicine (herbs etc)
- how does she deal with GBS
- does she do alternative testing for things like Gestational Diabetes
- also read up on some of the midwifery guidelines for your area so you know what they have to and don't have to do.

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In addition to anything else, DD found that a good rapport between the midwife and her DH was very important and instilled confidence. So listen to his reactions too.

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First off, Congratulations Crystal! HH9M! I found when I was doing my interviewing, I interviewed 4 different midwives they said their "speech" if you will and then I asked anything that wasn't covered. Basically they just told me how they run things and all that good stuff and the majority of my questions were answered with that. I think having hubby there and getting his reaction is helpful. DH only was present for my last interview and they're the midwives we ended up going with. I think a connection is a big thing, out of the 4 I interviewed I connected with 2 of them; and after looking back, the ones we went with I had a better connection with (I'm friends with one of their previous clients too).

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We've had it pretty easy choosing midwives....I've had two and now have a new one. My first was because we lived in a different state....the second midwife delivered my next two children and is no longer doing it! Sad This will be my first birth with this midwife...I had a visit with her before we got preggers and I LOVE HER! Smile I think you know instantly if you click with someone....and I do think it's pretty important that you have someone that has an easy way and puts you at ease. I personally didn't worry about asking too many questions....I told her about my previous births and we discussed some of the births she attended. I DID inform her that should we have a breech baby or twins that I intend to deliver at home.....she was fine with that and has attended both kinds before.

I'm SO excited for you!!! Welcome and enjoy this pregnancy. Water births are AMAZING! I had that with my last one....and let me tell you....LOVED IT! I'm TOTALLY doing it again this time around in my mom's garden tub Smile (it's funny too because I bring my daughter in my moms bathroom and say....look honey...we're visiting the place of your birth!) Smile

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"gardenbug" wrote:

In addition to anything else, DD found that a good rapport between the midwife and her DH was very important and instilled confidence. So listen to his reactions too.


I went with a HB MW b/c she was the only one I could find, and ended up transferring care at 38.5 weeks. She answered all my questions perfectly at the time, but I was so caught up in the q & a session that I didn't pay as much attention to her subtle body language and attitude cues. Then for weeks I ignored my gut instinct b/c I felt stuck. If I had let DH make the decision without "guiding" or suggesting to him I believe he would have sent her packing from the start.

Next time I would focus more on her general birth philosophy and if she has any lines drawn in the sand. Like she may tell you she is not comfortable with breech birth but knows who to direct you to, etc. Midwives know the sorts of questions that a typical mom will probably ask, and chances are she will have a packet or worksheet or something with those things already on them.

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Good luck!