Holy dropped baby... (tmi)

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Holy dropped baby... (tmi)

I carry my babies pretty low which makes me waddle fairly early on. Well tonight after DTD, I wasn't feeling well. Ended up having a system clean out, which lead to contractions, and fun stuff. I eventually was able to get off the toilet, and looked in the mirror, and this baby looks like hes almost dropped below my belly button.

I was still having some minor contractions, and trouble walking so I went in the shower. Hot water felt awesome. I had to sway through some back pains, but finally the contractions seemed to fade to BH. I am now waddling like a cowboy, and the pressure from him being so low goes down the inside of my legs.

Now as rough as this pregnancy has been, I would like to avoid having this baby this early. I'm just hoping that my "system clean out" caused everything. I have been having prodromal labor for the past few days though (regular bouts of serious BH).

Sorry, my thoughts are all over the place right now. I needed to write them out. On one hand I'm kind of excited things are coming to an end, but a little worried it may come too soon.

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Well, my midwife will do home birth after the 36 week point. Some health providers say 37 weeks, but 36 weeks would be good too. Hopefully, he can hang out for another week or 2. If you are worried, I would go to L&D so they can give you some meds to help stop the contrax and/or some steroid injections to help mature his lungs.

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DH got cut off from DTD from 33-37 weeks with DD because if we DTD i would be in bed in pain for 4 hrs afterwards, with a ricebag etc. it made me SOOO sore, back, stomach, thighs. i couldnt even sit and sew! i had to go lay down. now with a toddler to chase, that is kind of daunting to me to face. at the time i thought it was just too much activity for those muscles, looking back i wonder if it started contractions every time. because thats how labor with DD started as well..... but that actually had waves.

anyway, i'd say rest, drink a bunch of water, and see how you feel in a few hours.

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Yuck. I hope it was all just a bug or something and baby stays put for a couple more weeks!