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Home Birth

I'm due in just over 2 weeks and we've planned a home birth this time. This is baby #3 for us and our last. My first was an induction and the second was a hospital birth.
We picked up the birthing tub/pool yesterday from my Doula. I think I'll do a trial run this weekend to see how quickly it blows up and where we should put it.
Any suggestions or tips from anyone who has had a home birth?

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I don't know the first thing about birthing pools, but just want to wish you well!

I had 3 hospital births and then my 4th at home. I loved it!

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I think mine blew up in about 20 minutes once the pump was fully charged. I just kept it blown up in the nursery so it would make set up for birth easier, which ended up being a good thing because I had such a fast labor. We set it up in our master bedroom. We just slid the bed across the room and put the pool in there. It worked really well for us.

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my sister had 2 waterbirths, she'd be able to answer better. But she blew up her tub and left it in her house inflated until it was baby time!

She also put a small "base" of water in there and once labour hit the rest was filled with hot water. It took a while to get it filled and to the right temperature.

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I have no idea but good luck! I hope it all works out perfectly for you! Smile

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No suggestions but I wish you all the luck in the world with your homebirth! I can't wait to see pics of your new LO!

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Congrats! My birthing tub was a portable spa with a heater. We set it up the day we got it & left it in place. It was great to soak in after a long day, and my little girl liked to splash around in it, too. I picked up a bunch of cheap vinyl-backed bathmats to put all around it. If your tub doesn't have a heater, see how much hot water it takes to fill it -- and if you have any hot water left after filling it -- because you might need to crank up your water heater. For birthing, you'll want to keep the water at body temperature which might mean adding more hot water occasionally as it cools down.

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The tub I used was not inflatable--it was hard plastic. We put it on a tarp in our bedroom. It ended up actually being too hot when I got in, so we added some cold water to cool it a little.

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DD's midwife insisted on 100 degree water temperature as I recall. She used their hot tub. She much preferred the size and firmness to the indoor pool she used for one of her births (Ivy's?) which was not during warm weather.. Her births are quick, so having everything ready is necessary. Her DH is a cyclone at preparation by now!

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We did a trial run of our birth pool a few weeks before birth....and we learned some useful things (like the water pressure from the sink wasn't strong enough so we have to hook up to the shower....and that one of our hoses was leaky.) Both good things to know before labor day.

This time I'm trying to decide if it is worth the hassle of inflating our pool or if I should just use our garden tub. My last two births have gone fairly quickly.

Then once inflated, we left the tub in baby's room just waiting to be used.

We did let the kids play in the practice run-- which was a fun birth day preparation. It isn't often that you get to swim in mom and dad's bedroom. Smile

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I agree with doing a trial run!! We connected the tub to our washering machine spigots, and the connections were really hard to get unscrewed. We ended up using a pair of pliers.

Also, if you have a cat, I would suggest crating it or closing it off in an area away from the tub. Inflatable tubs and kitties do NOT go well together. I learned this from experience when my cat tried to jump on the side of mine and put a hole in it. It was a slow leak but super annoying when my MW kept having to turn the pump on to refill it, and then trying to find the hole to stop the leak.

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We did a trial run of inflating but not with the hose. Good idea! The kids have been dying to "swim" in it....lol