home birth and cord blood banking

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home birth and cord blood banking

Sort of an off-the-wall question, but does anyone know if you can bank cord blood when you have a homebirth?

We're toying with the idea of another child, and I'm finally confident enough for a homebirth, but I'm adamant about banking the cord blood because of our oldest's cancer. He's at risk for a secondary cancer, such as leukemia because of his treatment.

I'm at the point that I'd give up a homebirth in order to bank the cord blood. ( It's not a big deal, I had great hospital births so I wouldn't be too disappointed. What I hate about the hospital is the stay afterwards.)

We haven't even decided on a 4th yet, so this discussion may be irrelevant to me...


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I guess it would depend on your mw, but I think you could do it. I work in maternity, in Canada, and when someone is doing cord banking they bring in the package and instructions on how to do it. The mw do it here, at least in hospital. The only thing I'm not sure about is shipping. We bring it down to the lab and they properly store it until it gets shipped to the cord banking facility. Maybe the mw could arrange something with your local hospital?

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Most of the banks have you send in the sample yourself. The kits have all the instructions and collection tubes - they need a cord sample and a blood sample from you. I would just ask the MWs when you are looking for one to do a home birth.

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Oh when we sent it in for DD1 the collection the kit was designed to be OK at room temp for 2-3 days. We used Fedex for overnight delivery and the sample quality was fine.

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Interesting info... I never knew this either...

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Secret You know you *can* leave the hospital earlier if you want. I know of moms who left within 8 hours of a vaginal delivery. I left less about 40 hours after my c-section with Weston. As long as you & baby are healthy, and you have a good support system at home, there's no reason to stay any longer than *you* want.

I was interested in cord blood donation but my midwife wouldn't do it because the cord blood benefits the baby so much. That said, in a case like yours where you have a child who is at risk for a condition that cord blood would help, I would hope that any good-hearted midwife would help you do it. And make sure that you choose a banking company that will save your cord blood for you. I've heard a lot of stories lately where people thought their cord blood was being saved, but it had been "donated" instead and either used for research or given to someone who was a match for it. Very sad to think you have lifesaving material stored and it's not. Sad Check them out carefully.

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Another option you might want to consider is baby teeth banking. There are stem cells in them that can be used.
hope it helps u out..