Home birth and the hospital bag
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Thread: Home birth and the hospital bag

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    Default Home birth and the hospital bag

    Did or are those of you who did/are birthing at home packing a hospital bag in the event of transfer?

    I don't want to. Is that being silly?

    In the event of an emergent transfer I am only a mile from a hospital. Given a non emergent transfer we would go to a better hospital about 10 minutes away.

    I can't think of things that I would really need other than my phone and camera, which will be in use at our birth anyway. I know that I never needed anything for the baby barring a coming home outfit, and I wore the hospital gown for the first day or so anyway, so I just feel like anything that I needed could easily and quickly be brought to me as I would be so closeby and my other kids/family would be visiting constantly anyway.

    Curious how others felt about this? Advice? Thanks!

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    I do. Actually this is a good reminder that I should. I'm not superstitious, so I don't believe that it will be tempting fate or what not, in either direction, though some people do.

    However, after my sisters first son was a hospital birth after a homebirth transfer, I realized that taking 10 minutes to pack a small bag and store in the front hall closet is worth it. She also lived a few blocks from the hospital she transferred to. She's planning her third successful homebirth now and still packs a bag.

    You just never know what you might request and whomever goes to get it gets the wrong thing, or they forget altogether. While you're in a state of mind to clearly know what items you'd want is the best time to get them together. Of course, if you really don't need much at all then you might really not need to pack a bag. But I'm an over preparer, so I always lean to that side.

    Anyway, here's my list!!

    *PJs & slippers
    *toothbrush, toothpaste
    *hairbrush, ponytail holders
    *Body wash/shampoo
    *razors (especially if you BF, people might be around your armpits. lol)
    *favourite hot water bottle
    *my pillow
    *clothing to wear home
    *nursing bras
    *a little makeup for guests
    *postpartum pads and Attends type underwear (I LOVED these PP. WAAAAY better than the pads once the bleeding was slightly less. Around 2/3 days pp anyway)
    *phone card for making calls

    Bag for Baby:
    *vaseline Works like a diaper cream but is also great for sealing in moisture around baby's fingers/toes...they can come out quite dry if baby is postdates.
    *Mild baby lotion.
    *lanolin cream (lansinoh)
    *receiving blankets for swaddling.
    *manual breast pump

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    I plan on it, and with my history of preterm problems I'll probably pack it as soon as I hit the third tri. Luck favors the prepared
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    I'll be packing a hospital bag, just in case.

    I figure with any luck, I'll pack it and not have to use it. I'd rather that, than need one and not have one packed.

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    I didn't my first time but then ended up transferring to the hospital and it was a mad rush to pack a bag. It is just easier to have a bag packed and not have to worry.
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    I didn't pack a bag for any of my four home births. I did, however, have a box in which I collected things I'd want/need during the birth and immediately post-partum. That could get dumped in a suitcase in the unlikely event of a transfer.
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    I packed a bag last time and was not going to this time. I figure if I transfer it would be an emergency and what would I need. But now I may pack a bag for after delivery just in case of transfer since I know DH has no idea where anything of mine is. Maybe I will do that tonight, I just keep putting off this for some reason.

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    I made a detailed list and I organized it by where the items could be found.
    My closet: sundress, panties, the green bag to pack everything in
    Bathroom cabinet: deodorant, toothpaste
    Bathroom drawer: brush, barrette
    You might need to look around for: camera, camera charger

    But I think I ended up packing a bag for some reason anyway. Nesting, probably. I just crossed those things off my list, so when we did end up transfering I knew exactly what needed to be added to the bag.
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    I did not pack a hospital bag. I thought about it, and for whatever reason, I just didn't feel the need to. I was ridiculously prepared for our homebirth, but had nothing prepared at all for a hospital transfer. I don't regret it, and will probably do the same for our next birth. Maybe it was sort of a supersitious mental thing. Like I just didn't want to "go there". (We ended up having a homebirth with no complications).

    With a couple of successful vaginal births behind me, I figure the chances of a transfer are pretty low, and the chances of it being a true emergency are even lower. If I can't take 10 minutes to throw some things in a bag, then I can have someone bring stuff for me later. We live 15 minutes from the hospital.

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    I don't think I will be packing a bag. With DD, I had a bag packed, and DH or friends of ours ended up going to the house several times anyways over the five days I was in there for little odds and ends. In the event of a transfer, the baby and I will have EVERYTHING we need in the hospital. If I am going to take anything with me, it will likely be in use during the home-birth anyways, so very easy to gather quickly and take (pillows, camera, phone, etc).
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