Home Birth still on!

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Home Birth still on!

I'm so happy! Had a midwife appt yesterday and apparently our home birth is still on. She consulted with all the senior midwifes in the clinic and they all agree that as long as my uterine septum surgery last year was done all internally (via the vagina, no incisions in the wall of the uterus) then I'm good. And I know it was so I'm relieved!! They have to order the post-op report to review just to confirm, but that's totally fine with me. Yay!!

I do have to get the glucose test done in 2 weeks though. She said I was almost close to not having any risk factors and skipping it, but my grandmother had severe Type 2 diabetes and lost both her legs to it, so that puts me at risk. *sigh* I told DH he has to stay with me and keep me company for the hour!

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YAAAAY!!! Great news!

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Yay! I'm so glad that it all worked out for you. Remember that the glucose challenge is NOT a fasting test so if they tell not to eat in the morning, they are wrong. It's to test your body's response to *excess* sugar, which mimics what will happen in later pregnancy, and not your response to sugar itself. If you don't pass the one hour challenge, then the three hour glucose tolerance test *is* a fasting test but you should not go longer than 14 hours without eating so if they schedule it later in the day, get up & have a snack in the middle of the night.

Glucose Tolerence Test | APA on Testing for Glucose Tolerance

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Yes, my birth center schedules glucose tests for morning and tells you to eat a high-protein breakfast--eggs, whole wheat toast, etc.--just nothing sugary like fruit or cereal.

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yay! I can't wait to hear your homebirth story!

Good luck with the glucose test. Ask if they'll let you choose your own source of sugar instead of the terrible drink. I've done the drink twice, jelly beans once (better, but they made my jaw ache), and this time I did organic fruit juice. Definitely the best. And a lot closer to my usual diet.

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So glad to hear your homebirth is still on! Don't worry too much about the glucose test, it isn't that bad. My midwife said I should eat a protein filled breakfast beforehand. If you do the test at lifelabs you can usually jump the line to get the things done. They give you 5 minutes to drink the drink then you wait for an hour and then they draw your blood. Bring a book or magazine to read and relax Blum 3

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Yeah, definitely don't have juice or something with lots of sugar for breakfast!

and YAY for the homebirth!!!!!