Homebirth birth story

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Homebirth birth story

I lost my old username, and haven't posted on here in forever. But we just had our third at home and I thought everyone might enjoy a birth story! Here is the link

The Home Birth of Ezekiel Zane

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Honest and funny and beautiful...thank you for sharing!!!

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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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Loved your story! Thanks so much for sharing.

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Lurking Nana here. Loved the photos!

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Great story! Thanks for sharing. I totally agree when you say it doesn't get easier the more you do it. I was the most anxious about having to go through another labor and delivery with my last (#3) because it doesn't get any easier. I also loved reading your description of pushing baby out. The pushing phase has always been really quick for me, probably no more than 15 mins, but it is very intense and hard. One of my favorite moments is the one right after delivery b/c of the sweet relief it brings...no more contractions, no more intense pain!

Congratulations on your newest arrival! He is beautiful Smile