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At the hospital.... labor!!! My water broke about 2 hours ago and they wanted me here right away. I, of course, still hadn't packed a thing so it took a while to get here *wink*. I guess this little girl doesn't want to stay in there for 40 weeks Smile Contractions are coming about 2-3 minutes, but they don't feel any different than BH's, hope it stays that way!!!

Keep your fingers crossed that this little girl makes her entrance through my vagina and not through a hole in my belly Biggrin

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Wishing you all the best! Looking forward to hear all about your vbac Smile

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Sending you loads and loads of labor vibes... may it go easily and quickly!!!

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Got checked, almost a 3, which is great considering how much this doesn't really hurt. I'm still in triage. They are waiting on the lab to confirm that my water broke. I guess I could've taken a picture of the flood in my hallway as proof Smile I want to get in my room cause those rooms are awesome and I wanna get up and moving again.

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Go Christa go! You can do it! This is the beginning of your VBA2C story!

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Up and moving is good!! ELVs... KUP when you can. I will be thinking of you Mama!! Yayyyy!

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I said this elsewhere, but good luck to you honey!

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Good luck! Can't wait to hear your story and meet your baby!

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I said this in your other thread, but best wishes for your VBA2C! Can't wait to read your story!

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Got checked into my room, love it in here! They are waiting for someone too start a heplock and get my blood drawn. I'm already sick of the wires though, for right now they've got me tethered, but soon I'll be free. I just hope they hurry the heck up!

I keep sneaking into the bathroom and drinking out of the faucet, don't judge me, I'm thirsty! Glad I got the order of curly fries on the way up here but wish I would've got a big mac or something too Smile

See ya later GD, I'm gonna have a snickers tomorrow Biggrin

Contractions are still steady, but I wanna get this show on the road and get em a little stronger so they need to release me from the wires and set me free to walk and bounce and squat, whatever it takes!

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Exciting!! ELV!

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Good luck! Biggrin Hope it all works out the way you want it to.

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Sending you awesome vagina vibes.

Stay strong, mama and don't let them scare tactic you!!!

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Oh your updates are great! I hope you get untethered soon, and can do things the way you have envisioned!

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I'm not in love with my nurse. I'm still contracting, but they're not getting harder or anything just yet. It took them forever to untether me, I was getting quite vocal about my aggravation. I have to have the antibiotics because my GBS test was just taken today and has to grow 48 hours. The anti's took 30 minutes to go in so I had to stay tethered for that. I finally got off and I was just sitting on the toilet and then I could feel more pressure, so I'm gonna walk for a little while and then sit on the birth ball for a little while and maybe sit on the toilet. The nurse says I have to have baby monitored every 15 minutes so they better get the mobile monitor!

I'll KUP! Still very excited to be having a natural labor, it's not bad at all still, feeling more pressure but contractions are MUCH different than induced!

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Wahoo!!! That is so exciting!!!!

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How exciting, and how fun for us to get updates as it happens! Can't wait to hear how your awesome vaginal birth goes;)

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Nothing new to report really. I have to keep walking or the contractions get weaker, so I'm moving around a lot. They really pick up when I walk so that's what I'll do. My legs are going to be in great shape after this. We had a nurse shift change and I like my new nurse a lot better, she had both of her kids natural so I'm pretty sure that's why I got her. Pretty slow night up here, one other mom I'm racing against Smile

Contractions still about 2-3 minutes apart and how long they last depends on what I'm doing. They still don't hurt though, just a tad uncomfortable. Makes me wanna go down and grab some food from the cafeteria Smile Still getting quick drinks from the faucet, mmmm.....water!!

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glad your new nurse is better! hope those contractions keep doing more!

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Best of luck again Christa! I posted on our BB as well.

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Glad you like your new nurse and you're awesome at these updates, it's keeping everyone on their toes! Smile ((ELV))

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Dr just in to check me. I'm still at a 3, but I'm 75% effaced. I was a 3 and pretty thick when I got here at 4. Dr wanted to talk about doing a little pitocin, but I told him no definitely not yet. I know he's trying to make sure I don't get too far with broken water
and a preemie but I'm gonna hold him off a while longer. He's giving me til 6am to make more progress and then we'll talk again and I'm still not gonna agree to pitocin so we'll just wait and see what happens.

natural labor is much easier than pitocin so not gonna go that route until I'm almost out of options to avoid a c/s!