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Has anyone used Hypnobabies? Does it work? When do you start it? Any advice about it? TIA!

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I have started the hypnobabies home study and really love it so far. I would start around 28w or so. I am actually taking the hypnobabies instructor training in March (which I am totally excited about). Does it work.... of course. The first birth I attended as a doula was a hypnobabies birth and it was the most amazing experience. My advice if you decide to do it is practice practice practice. Listen to the Cd's and read the scripts. The more dedicated and positive you are about your experience the better it will work for you. The pregnancy affirmations CD is a must for anyone. It really is very uplifting.

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Over the past few years there have been a lot of threads about Hypnobabies on this board. If you haven't already, do a search and see if you can find some in the archives. Tons of good info and others' experiences.

I did Hypnobabies home study for my first birth. I really, really liked the concept. However, it is a lot of work and time. I felt like I was back in school cramming for finals trying to get it all in. I did wind up using some of the techniques.

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I used the hypnobabies homestudy with my son's birth and am going to the July instructor training. This board is a bit biased towards hypnobabies with two of the moderators being prospective instructors Smile But seriously, I love hypnobabies. It does seem that the more you put into it, the more you're likely to get out of it--and something that requires a lot of effort may not be right for everyone, but I think any relaxation or coping techniques you use are going to require practice or else you forget them immediately when contractions start. Some people are really good at inventing their own coping mechanisms when that happens, while others tend to panic--I am a little more of the latter. Hypnobabies puts that practice into a structured schedule that I, personally, found easy to implement--the practice is very relaxing and it offers good opportunities to take some time for yourself during your pregnancy. It may also help you sleep better during pregnancy--always a bonus.

I had an excellent experience with Hypnobabies. It helped me perceive my labor as comfortable except for a few moments--I think one was something they call a "mini-transition" between early and active labor and later I kind of lost all my focus when my OB was trying to manage the cervical lip situation (see the thread on "Anterior Cervical Lip") and never really got it back during pushing, but Hypnobabies helped me SO much to stay relaxed and confident the rest of the time.

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I am doing hypnobabies, though I haven't had my baby yet so I don't have a personal account for how well it works. I've read sooooo many positive stories about it though. I took the course from a local instructor; I wanted to do that as opposed to the home study because I know with how poorly self-motivated I am I'd have a hard time keeping up Wink Going to classes every week helped me stay motivated and focused. Of course the class ended 6 weeks ago so I've been on my own since then. I'm a tad worried because I don't feel that I've been keeping up with the practice as much as I could be. Its hard because although I'm a sahm, the only time I can practice is when my son is asleep... and I usually have other random things that need done too so I have to cram it all in. But, its a little late now lol so I'm just trying to stay positive and keep going with it. I will say it has helped me feel a lot more confident towards this birth!

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I am using it for this pregnancy/birth, although I haven't started it yet (I'm only 9 weeks!) so obviously I don't have a story to share yet. I chose to go this route because of the positive experiences that several of my friends have had with it. I used the Bradley method with my daughter, and I felt like there were several things that it left me very unprepared for. After looking into it, I felt like Hypnobabies was a much more comprehensive method. I'm really excited to use it!

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I've used Hypnobabies recordings for four of my five births. I used the full program with my last two. It is amazing! I had an epidural with my first (and it worked), but I had more comfortable births using Hypnobabies. Biggrin

You can read birth stories here:


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I used it and while I wound up not using as much of it as I had hoped while I was in labor, I found it really helped me sleep better during the whole pregnancy, stay calmer throughout labor and the peace & relax cues really helped a lot.

Next time I will definitely use it again and try to practice more.