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I used Hypnobabies last time, but I didn't start until well into my pregnancy and as it turned out, I wasn't able to really use it that well during the birthing. In the interest of having a better birth this time around, I want to make sure I start it early, the problem is that the only time I seem to be able to dedicate to listening to the scripts is at bedtime, which means I inevitably fall asleep listening Sad
I know some of you are familiar with this program, in your opinion does listening to the scripts as you fall asleep work? Or should I really try hard to carve out some time in the middle of the day? Anytime I have done it during the day I end up falling asleep anyway Sad
I'm not sure how I should approach this!

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I've never done hypnobirthing, so I am not sure if the scripts are supposed to put you in trance? Could you listen in the car? Or would that be dangerous? :O If not dangerous, that's always a good place to get some "studying in" with the car CD player, or on an MP3 player while walking or doing the dishes... However, it sounds like maybe you need to be able to practice and lay down. So maybe first thing in the am?

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yeah, you can't listen to any of them in the car, except the affirmations...but I promise falling asleep is ok--I did this most of the time that I listened to them and I had a really great Hypnobabies birth. Here is a FAQ from a Hypnobabies instructor about falling asleep: http://www.enjoybirth.com/faq-sleeping.html

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I would make sure to listen to each at least one time on a more conscious level if you can, but yes falling asleep is ok. Sheridan's site that Brittany posted has a lot of great info.

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I had that same problem with the falling asleep during both the day and at bedtime. I made it a point to listen to each track once while totally awake and then didn't worry about it the other times. I did those while riding the exercise bike and made sure to skip the relaxtion/hypnosis at the beginning.

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yeah I've been totally bad about remembering to do mine. I need to get going on mine. But I wouldnt worry too much, according to the book falling asleep is ok.