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Hypnobabies Advice

Hep! I keep falling asleep while listening to my CD sessions. I usually listen at night once my 4 year old is in bed or during naptime. Those are so far the only quiet times I can find. I usually get past the deep breathing part but within a few minutes after that I am out. Sometimes I know I've been asleep because I wake up way after, other times I wake up as the session is ending but don't remember anything. Is it possible I'm just in deep relaxation some of those times even though I don't remember anything? I've had DH listen with me and watch me do it but he falls asleep too so that isn't any help. Any suggestions on what to do to stay awake?

I've been doing class #1 for over 2 weeks and don't know if I should even move on to class #2 yet since I've been having this issue. I've gotten through the pregnancy affirmations loads of times and never fallen asleep luckily. Should I just move on? At this rate I might be on class #1 until I give birth.

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Falling asleep happens to almost everyone and it's ok! Smile If you want to know what the track says, fast forward through the relaxation part and listen to it while you're doing another activity (folding laundry, getting ready for the day, etc.). Do that with every new CD if you want to. It's fine to move on to Class 2. Smile

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This happens to me almost every time! DH listens with me and he falls asleep almost the minute he hears Kerry's voice. Last night I was watching Kerry's audition for the new show and DH was yawning and looked like he was ready to pass out!

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Haha, I do the same thing. I have just been moving on from week to week as if I know the whole thing by heart. I started a little early, so I took two weeks to do each session. Even though I "sleep" or whatever you want to call it through them, I have noticed a huge difference since I got to the fear clearing. It REALLY has helped, so I do those sessions as needed, and it has proven to me that something is going on in my subconscious even though I don't realize it.

I've even done the sessions while wide awake and after having a cup of coffee, and I am still OUT soon after the breathing part starts. I think there is a good chance you are experiencing deep relaxation. Don't worry about it so much, just do it, and move through the weeks as the program calls for and as you see fit.

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It's totally fine to fall asleep--your subconscious is still taking it in! I would try to hear every track at least once just so you know what's going on, but if your practice is mostly done while sleeping you'll still be getting lots out of it!

Personally, I have the problem that my relaxation I'm supposed to listen to every night (I did Hypnobirthing, not -babies) started driving me crazy because I would fall asleep but then wake up during it and my RLS would kick in and then I'd get super antsy and it would just snowball into insomnia. I've pretty much given up at this point and just listen to affirmations while I walk during the day, and have DH read me relaxations sitting up in bed with the lights on sometimes, and just listen to my soothing music to fall asleep to. I have gotten so good at relaxing and the suggestions are so well ingrained now that I really don't think I'm missing anything at this point (other than being driven crazy!) But if you're still learning and it's not making you nuts, you're just sleeping through it, that's totally fine!

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Ok, good to know that I'm not alone. I thought I must be nuts. I'll move on and try to fast forward and listen to the parts after the relaxation part so I at least get an idea about what is going on. Maybe I'll knit or do something with DS while listening to that part so I'm more awake. Thanks ladies.