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HypnoBabies Advice

So I had a dream yesterday that I magically looked at the calendar and I had messed up my EDD and I was actually 40 weeks along and I hadn't done anything but the first week of HypnoBabies lessons. So in light of that dream I'm going to be getting back into it. I did the first week a while back and found that when I put the 2nd track into iTunes it messed up because it kept skipping (and of course I no longer have the CDs). So after that I haven't done any more lessons. That first CD anyhow is pretty easy, I'm pretty good at getting the relaxation technique down to really get into it so I'm not worried so much about it. I plan on re-starting on the second week's lessons tomorrow and I just wanted to come and ask if you ladies who have experience with using HypnoBabies if you have any advice for me.

I'll be 34 weeks on Sunday/Monday so I think I'm fine with starting up from week #2 now and have plenty of time since DD was "late" so I don't think I'll be having any early arrival. Also, it might be trivial but do you really need to go into a quiet place where you won't have any distractions? I ask because we're going to be going to Disneyland right before I go 36 weeks and we're all sharing a hotel room (MIL, SIL, her bf, DH, and DD) and I don't want to slack off on the night we'll be there; so should I try to plan on doing it when we're all going to bed?

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totally weird because track #2 on the first CD didn't copy completely to my iPod the first time (I fixed it, though)

I didn't always listen in a quiet place with no distractions. I usually listened while lying down with my DD to help her fall asleep, which was sometimes more distracting than other times. Not having distractions helps you focus, but I don't think its necessary every time.

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You should be fine doing a track a week and getting everything done. I spent like 2 weeks on each track (and then some) and feel like I got through the entire course super fast.

I've done sessions a lot with DS doing his thing and making noise while I lay down and be quiet. Actually seems to help me sometimes because if I get too relaxed and its really quiet I tend to fall asleep...lol. I also lay in bed at night and do it as well but again the sleep usually creeps up before I finish the track.

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No advice =/ Just hugs Smile
Wish I could afford that set. *sigh*

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Not much advice but I had pretty much the same dream two night ago! I'm due at the end of January; in my dream it was suddenly beginning to mid January and I was freaking out because not only did we have nothing ready, but I haven't even started my Hypnobabies classes yet!