Hypnobabies breathing question

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Hypnobabies breathing question

I am only a "pending" member on the yahoo hypnobabies group, and I really need to find out the answer to these questions:
During the breathing portions of the scripts (I have done just Special Place and Easy Comfortable Birthing), she says to breathe in to a count of four and then she pauses, and then to exhale to the count of eight. There is just no way I can hold my breath that long. Is the basic concept just to make sure you are breathing in very deeply and letting it out a little slower than normal?

My second breathing question is...why does she say to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth? Also, why put your tongue behind your top teeth? That is not natural for me, and breathing in through my nose, it is very hard to get a deep breath. Can I just breathe in and out deeply and slowly the way that is most comfortable for me?

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Yeahhhhh I can't breath that slowly either. I try to do at least one or two breaths to her count, and then I slowly move to my natural breathing pattern. If I'm not mistaken, the in through the nose and out through the mouth is supposed to be your "cleansing" breaths. These get you focused and prepared for the session. The tongue behind the teeth is to relax your jaw and mouth. I don't think it has to stay pressed there or anything. I think it's more to bring your awareness to it so that you can relax there. I have had a very stuffy nose lately, so I have just been breathing slowly in and out through my mouth to get started (obviously I can't do that at the same time I put my tongue behind my teeth)... then I think to myself that when my mind and body are ready, I will settle into my normal breathing patterns.

Try not to think or stress about the details too much... absolutely do what is most comfortable IMO. Afterall, the whole concept is to get as relaxed and comfortable as possible. If you are worried about breathing exactly with her count that can cause tension in other parts of your body and mind, so I say just go with the flow Wink

Side note: I joined the yahoo group and found it really overwhelming. I can't seem to figure out a system or organization to it. Let me know what you think when you get on.... maybe I am just missing something?

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Ignore the numbers if they don't help you. The goal is relaxation, so do what works for that. Smile The tongue/teeth thing is to make sure your jaw is relaxed. There is a correlation between the jaw/throat and the pelvic region, which we want to be relaxed and open during birth. The nose/mouth breathing isn't essential, either. Just allow a full, deep breath so that you saturate your blood with oxygen.

For high volume yahoogroups like Hypnobabies, I just read it on the web instead of through email.

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This is a pretty common question on the yahoo group, so you're not alone in having issues with it. It is fine to breathe however you are most comfortable. I found that during pressure waves in my birthing time, I did breathe the way I had practiced those few breaths at the beginning of each script.

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We do the same breathing in Hypnobirthing, and our instructor said not to focus on numbers, just that you're breathing out around twice as long as you're breathing in, and that it's relaxed, slow breathing, whatever that means for you. We are actually supposed to breathe in and out through our noses, but one girl said she can't breathe out through her nose because of sinus issues and the instructor said it's perfectly fine to breathe however you are comfortable. If it's stressing you out, that's the only time you're doing it wrong Smile