Hypnobabies discount code VENT

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Hypnobabies discount code VENT

Here is a lesson in procrastinating.....

I was waiting to order my Hypnobabies until I had the u/s to determine whether or not I have placenta previa (dr thinks it's gonna be a close call b/c of my in office u/s). And if the placenta is close to being previa I may not get my VBA2C and I guess I didn't want to waste the money on Hypnobabies. Plus, I was just waiting to order it, for no real good reason I guess.

Well, the promo code I posted a while ago for 20% off just EXPIRED!!!!! And the customer service lady wasn't sure when a new one would come out. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! I'm kicking myself in the rear right now so hard!

Please keep me in mind if you see of a new promo code somewhere for it!!

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Bummer! You still have a little time though. I bet another code will come out soon.

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http://www.retailmenot.com/view/hypnobabies.com any of those coupons work for you?

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Thanks Jenn, but no they don't have any coupon codes right now Sad

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If you can wait a bit, I can sell you mine cheap. I'm done with the CDs (put them all on my ipod) and am working on the final lesson. I will need the birth partners guide until after I give birth, but the rest I can send out in the next week or two.

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Aww that stinks. I am sorry!