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hypnobabies questions

Ok, so why, when my lightswitch is in center, do I need to feel anesthesia in my arms? I get the birthing muscles, but why the arms??? It's hard for me, still, to move around and feel like I have anesthesia anywhere. Plus I have never had the chance to test it. My best chance for the anesthesia is in OFF.

Also...a fear-clearing question: I have only done the track once so far, but my biggest fear having cervical checks. Due to past painful experiences during cervical checks, ever since baby #1, and it just keeps getting worse. I mean, honestly, and TMI, but I can barely use the bathroom without discomfort at this point, my skin is just so sensitive. So can I clear this fear by telling myself that I am not having any cervical checks at ALL?? I mean, honestly, are the nurses really not going to admit a 6-timer mom who says she's in labor without a cervical check? I told DH that baby is coming out, with or without a check.

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Anesthesia in the arms to for moms who have IVs or heplocks. Keep practicing your lightswitch even if you don't feel any different. Many women don't feel different and just find that the anesthesia is there for them when they need it. Smile

The fear clearing track can help reduce/eliminate fears about needing to have something like a vaginal exam and/or can make it more bearable if it is needed/desired. I would ask your care provider if it's possible to get around having a VE upon arriving at the hospital. If your care provider tells the nurse that you don't need to have an exam, then that may override policy to do one. It's easier to avoid any additional exams once a mom is admitted.

My Hypnobabies students do usually get one upon arrival because the nurses rarely believe that they are really in labor (they are so calm and comfortable), even though my students typically get there between 6 - 9 cm. Wink

ETA: There's a section in the class 5 materials about "using hypnosis in the moment". By breathing anesthesia to the cervix and birth canal, exams become much more bearable and comfortable.

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Laura, great info... thanks for responding!

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I asked this same question at the Hypnobabies Yahoo group when I was studying the program. Smile

I thought that I would use the center switch positon more because moving during pressure waves was really the only way I felt remotely comfortalbe during my first birth, but when it was actually time for the birth, I preferred "off" during the waves. I was able to turn my switch off in various positions--my favorite being sitting on the birth ball leaning forward. But when I was in "center" I still felt really relaxed and almost sleepy, but still really aware.