Hypnobabies questions

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Hypnobabies questions

So I am taking the Hypnobabies instructor training in March. I will be 31w5d at the start of the training. I was hoping to use this for my own birth as well. Is that too late to start? I was wondering if I should get the home study to start before hand. What do you think?

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Starting at 32 weeks gives you enough time to do the whole program if your baby is born at term, since it takes 5 weeks to learn the techniques and then starting in week 6 you start a maintenance program that you keep doing until the baby is born. If you want more time to practice, though, you may want to get the homestudy. I started early with DS and listed to each lesson's tracks for two weeks.

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I think it's never too late to prepare for birth. I'm sure the earlier, the better of course, but it sounds like you'll have plenty of time Smile

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That sounds like you should be fine, unless you have a tendency to have early babies. Of course the more time you have to practice the better.

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No idea if I have early babies or not. I mean I went late with Samantha, early with Isaiah and had a planned c-section with Lilly at 38w due to complications. So... I am essentially a birth newbie. LOL

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I would get the home study if it were me. You will be learning the six week version at the training since you are training to teach the live class. Since you have birthed early before, I would err on the side of caution and get the home study. You can swap out recordings for scripts if you want to practice with your dh.

I took the training when I was pregnant with my fourth. The training was at the beginning of June and I was due at the end of September. I had plenty of time to learn because of that. The training, Kerry, and the Hypnobabies organization are awesome! Smile

ETA: If I had taken a training as late in my pregnancy as you will be, I would have used the home study course prior to arriving.

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I realize that the two are different but I started a 5 week Hypnobirthing instructor led course at about the same time, perhaps a week earlier, and I felt it was good timing. I also had the Hypnobabies tracks and I was diligent about listening to them starting around the same time.