Hypnobabies withdrawal?
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Thread: Hypnobabies withdrawal?

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    Default Hypnobabies withdrawal?

    All you Hypno-Mommies out there...after your baby was born did you go through hypno-withdrawal of any sort? I am already getting quite attached to my hypnosis time. I look forward to it all day (I haven't gotten to the practice 5x/day stuff yet) and often want to do several of the sessions before drifting off to sleep to the affirmations. What will I do to get my fix after Baby is born? Do any of you meditate or practice yoga or something similar? How about more relaxation tracks to listen to? Any favorites?

    I have been turning in much earlier just so I can have my hypnosis time. I am headed there now, and only up so late because I had to write a letter from the tooth fairy to my DD who had some baby teeth pulled today.

    I don't know how in the world I ever tried to do NCB, or any type of CB for that matter, without Hypnobabies. It's amazing.
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    I do miss hypnobabies. It's kind of weird not having the daily practice--when I lie down with my DD to help her go to sleep, I feel like I should be doing my fingerdrop practice, and then I realize I'm not doing that anymore. I miss listening to the CDs, too. Towards the ened, I often listened twice a day (at naptime and bedtime) and sometimes in the middle of the night. If I was having pre-birth waves, sometimes I'd put on my big hypnobabies "maintanence" playlist and let it play the rest of the night while I slept.

    During my birthing time, I remember telling DH that would never be able to give birth naturally without hypnobabies. I do think that, juding from how I handled it the times I lost focus with the hypnosis during 1st stage, despite how strongly I feel about natural childbirth, I would have probably given in to drugs of some kind if I hadn't had my hypno-tools.
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    Lol I still use my sleep cd when I'm having trouble relaxing to fall asleep And I practice my finger drops about 1-2 times a week, just to keep them as an option. I tend to use them for other things like getting blood drawn, dental work, if I get injured, etc...
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    I still listen to Peaceful Sleep Now for All. It's too good to give up.
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