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Hey All, I lurk a bit now and then since I've have my two babies (2 and 6) but I had a question for you ladies. I know alot of you have done the hypnosis during labor and was wondering what the difference between hypnobirthing and hypnobabies is or if you had a preference between the two. I'm looking to take a training seminar for one but wasn't really sure the difference. I just know that there's really no one in my state that does either and it's pretty unheard of here. I personally never used either method but always heard such great things about them while i was here regularly. Or if you've taken other NCB method classes that you would recommend. I'm looking to add CB classes to my list of services and would love any input.

TIA for any input/experience you may have.


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I have not done hypnobirthing, just hypnobabies. My understanding is that hypnobabies has more of a hands on and what to actually do during birth component than hypnobirthing. but I'm sure that's biased you know! Loved hypnobabies and a doula trained in hypnobabies would be wonderful to have! good luck figuring it out!

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Honestly I'm not 100% sure the difference, but I did hypnobabies like many because they have a great self study course you can do at home when you're not near a class. My husband found their self study to be super helpful for him and he was a fantastic birth partner for me.

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I bought the hypno birthing book when I was pregnant, it has a cd with 2 or 3 tracks ( can't remember right now and have loaned it to someone) It seemed focused on the reading if you did it by yourself and to learn the techniques through reading and practicing. I'm looking into hypnobabies and it has the more fleshed out home study course with more tracks to guide you. Not sure on the classes and what is taught in each as my small town has neither class

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I used hypnobirthing for my 2 natural births. The difference is Hypnobabies is a more in depth and hands on hypnosis then hypnobirthing. Both are awesome classes but I have heard more success stories from hypnobabies and more positive things from them. Hypnobirthing worked wonders for me as I am easy to get into a hypnotic state through self hypnosis. A lot of women need the outside hypnosis to stay in a relaxed state, I just needed the right environment. Smile There are several women on here that have much better explanation of differences then I do though. Blum 3

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I never took a course (they were $400 here!) but I loved the Hypnobabies home study and would have absolutely taken a course if I could afford it. Here's a great article, written by a mom who used to post here, about her experiences with both using *and* teaching both HypnoBirthing *and* Hypnobabies. Her bottom line is that Hypnobabies is a more complete childbirth education program, and it's focus on hypnosis as anesthesia -- not simply as deep relaxation -- is key to its success.

Hypnosis for Childbirth & Classes | Birth Naturally

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Like others, I really liked hypnobabies because of the self study course. No courses close enough to where we live and also the $ involved. Though I don't know how they differ, offering those services to your clients would be awesome. I would have been through the moon if my MW had been trained in either and would have found the $ to take her course(s).

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Thanks everyone for the replies.. Gives me alot to think about and look into.

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Jade you are going to be such a diamond in the rough to so many mothers in your area. I am so in awe of what you're doing and how much thought you put into offering useful and varied techniques for your future clients.

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Thanks Mia. I appreciate that.

Side note.. i love that I can "like" comments now.. lol