I did it! So can you! :D

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I did it! So can you! :D

I was able to have an all-natural drug-free birth, thanks mostly I think to the jacuzzi in my room.
I was having some little contractions, and went to a scheduled appointment Wed where the midwife said I was 3cm & predicted onset of labor within a day or two. (He was just waiting for that full moon!)
My water broke at 1am that night; we got checked into the hospital and in the room by 4am, and I had him at 11:21am! I only pushed for like 20 minutes.
HELLA quick progression for a first-timer; all the nurses were impressed & called me the 'birthing queen'
I -did- tear a bit & had to have stitches, but she said it wasn't bad.
It was a totally awesome experience, and I didn't even abuse my poor hubby lol

Rowan Drake born 8-2-2012 @ 11:21
10.3 lbs
21 1/4" long
big ol 14" head & 15" chest, and huge feet

I dunno how to post a photo, otherwise I would!

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Congratulations!! Sounds awesome!

if you want to post photos: first upload them to photobucket or another like it. make sure the size isn't too huge (will probably have to resize it if it's from a camera). copy the IMG code or HTML code. come in here to your post and click the little thing that looks like a world and copy your IMG code into it.

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Congrats. Smile

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Congratulations! And you delivered a big baby. Great job!