I got my....

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I got my....

BIRTH KIT!!!!! Wahoo! I'm so excited! It makes me feel more ready for this home birth. Smile We didn't have to pay for it either because DH is cleaning the carpets in the birth center so the midwife is using his work as payment for birth stuff. Smile

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Makin' it real. Smile

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That is awesome to get it for trade too.

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Glad it is all starting to come together for you...and sweet trade for the kit betweeen you and birth center Smile

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It really does make it more real! My midwife is seriously awesome! Anything we can do for her she will trade for payments. She does it not for the money but because she loves it and wants to give women another option other than hospital birth. I honestly don't think I could have picked a better midwife. Smile

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That was probably the most exciting time in my pregnancy last time, getting my kit together and just knowing it was sitting there ready to go. Looking forward to putting it together this time too, however most of it is still in the box b/c of my transfer.

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Yay! That's a really exciting feeling, I'm sure! And, so cool that you are able to barter with her. From all you've said, she sounds really neat Smile

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How exciting!