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Thread: I hate my Dr! (vent)

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    Another risk with GD is that the baby can put on too much abdominal fat, which can cause baby to get stuck on the way out. But if you're controlling your sugars through diet & exercise, that's really not a risk at all. It's more likely when you have to go on insulin, because sugar crosses the placenta but insulin doesn't.

    I'm going to caution you to be careful about mentioning your refusal of induction at this point in pregnancy. I'm not familiar with the laws in Canada, but here in the U.S. your doctor can "fire" you -- except when you're within a month of your due date. So I always tell pregnant moms to not have the nitty-gritty-details kind of talks until they're in that window when there's nothing they can do except put up with you! Good luck!!!
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    Yes, baby can get too big. They have already told me that they dont anticipate babe being over a 9 lb'der, which is on par with my other kids. I do go in for another ultrasound at 34 weeks to check that though.

    I never thought of the Dr refusing to see me though.....hmmmm....might need to rethink my strategy Though, maybe if the Dr fires me I can find one I like better
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