i havent taken antibiotics since....

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i havent taken antibiotics since....

i got pregnant with DD! and i think it was nearly a year before that the last time i had been to the Dr, so its been over 3 years since i took antibiotics... except those given to me by mistake in labor with DD because they thought i was GBS+ but I wasnt......

so what is all that whooey about pregnant women having a depressed immune system? i'll tell you for sure that other than a few very slight changes in diet, i do not take any better care of myself now than i did 4 years ago. i might have better handwashing habits now, i think...

the last time i recall having antibiotics was because i had strep in may of 07. i was working at a daycare at the time, and i didnt get a flu shot, and i never got the flu while i was there, just pink eye, bronchitis and of course, strep. oh, and burnout, but that has nothing to do with antibiotics.

i'm not a believer in flu shots because i got sick every year from 2nd grade to 12th grade (maybe it was school germs) with bronchitis in the spring and with something flu-like at least TWICE a year besides that..... stopped getting the flu shot in 05 and other than having a rocky first year away at college, i've been much, much, much healthier since.

wonder if there is any relation.....

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When DD1 was little this describes our first 2 years; she got an ear infection, got antibiotics, got sick, got ear infection, got antibiotics, got sick, got ear infection.... you get the point. 10 years later I had DS. He got an ear infection, got antibiotics, 2 weeks later he got an ear infection and that's where we stopped. I decided the last time this particular pattern didn't work out very well for us. I would take him to the dr if I thought it was really bad just to have him check. He would try to prescribe antibiotics, I would decline, he would get over it and it would be months and months until he would even get the sniffles and even when he gets the sniffles it lasts maybe a couple of days. He's just over 2 years old and I can count on one hand how many times he has been sick and those were easy, short lived sicknesses. So, yeah, I agree! I see a pattern.

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Women often have a depressed immune system during pregnancy because their body is doing so much work growing a new human being. Biggrin Sometimes one thing has to give a bit in order for the body to give another, more important thing, all the energy it deserves. It doesn't happen to *all* women, but it does happen to a significant portion of us. I never get sick, even when Tiven & DH are both oozing green snot all over, but I did get sick a couple of times during each pregnancy. And I always get an annual flu shot, I'm a firm believer in them, and I got them during both pregnancies, too.