I just got off the phone with a homebirth midwife

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I just got off the phone with a homebirth midwife

She was so sweet and was excited to talk to me about my past births. She is even willing to work with us with our crazy life. I will still keep seeing my OB here in NY for visits and testing. They are even flexable to see me on the weekends when I go to VT and visit with Bill. I need to have an US at 28 weeks to check the placment of the placenta to VBAC she did not think my issues with bleeding last time will even be a factor in this birth (the placenta at my last birth atached to it and I had to have it manualy extracted). I had an US last week and the placenta was at the back and OB said not near the scar so he would let me VBAC, so unless it grows a lot I don't think that will be an issue. But the best part is she will prorate the amount I owe them since most of my care will be in NY and that they turn NO ONE away for payment. They have some people that pay for 5 years after a birth to make it and they still take them on as clients :bigarmhug:

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That's wonderful!! I am so glad that you've found someone who will work with you. That's really exciting Smile

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She even went to the same school that I did for her midwifery. I went in 2001 and her in 2007.

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It is so wonderful that you have found someone that will work with you! Smile

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Yay to finding someone that is the right fit!

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Sounds like the perfect situation!

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That all sounds so wonderful!!! What a great midwife!