I know it's still early...

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I know it's still early...

but I just have to say this, I was just feeling baby and it feels like he is well on his way to being head down. Smile I know I'm only 24 weeks which leaves him with plenty of time to move around but feeling him moving into that position is awesome. I've noticed kicks up in my right side and I think he is shoving his feet in my lungs as I'm having a hard time breathing. DS1 went to head down and stayed that way until I had him and DS2 stayed head down most of the time, turning sideways every so often up till 34 weeks then went head down and stayed head down. SO this makes me happy to feel him with his bum up by my belly button.

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Glad he is getting an early start on heading in the right direction! I love it when you can map out your own belly and determine where they are.

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Yay for baby being head down! Let's hope he stays there lol!!