I need help deciding

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I need help deciding

So I think I'm going to go ahead and have my neighbor and her daughters do a Henna tattoo on my belly but i'm having a hard time deciding what design to do. I need to pick between one that is easier and more simple and one that's a little more detailed. I'm not sure they can do the detailed stuff but one to have one in mind just in case they can. Smile

1. I wouldn't do the weird thing on top just have them continue the leaf design around the whole flower.

2.One of the more detailed ones.

3. A more simple one.

4. I think I'm considering this more detailed but not sure. lol. Oh and this would be on my belly not on the back like it shows.

5. More simple.

So what do you guys think?

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My favorite one is the second photo! You're making me want to do something like this when I have a huge belly!!!!!

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I'm thinking I'll go for #2 if they can do a detailed one but do the 5th one if they need a simple one. Smile

Do it Mara!!!

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That sounds like so much fun... I like them all lol!

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I think I would just let the artist do whatever my belly is telling her to do, kwim? And what she feels capable of doing without putting on pressure. Also, in both of my pregnancies, my belly button has been pretty low because apparently my belly grows more at the top, so a balanced design like the first two probably wouldn't have looked very good on me. That said, I love the second one! Whatever you do, please share pics!

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I really love the 2nd one!

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Loving the 2nd one as well. The 1st one is my other choice.

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If they don't do it EXACTLY the same I'm fine with that. I just want to give them an idea of what I am thinking of. If that makes any sense. lol. I'm a bit of an artist and know that when you are given something to draw it is much harder to draw then following what your canvas is telling you to draw. I just want some sort of flower. Maybe I'll show them all of them and let them go from there. Smile

There will be pics for sure. My midwife is demanding them anyway. lol.