I passed! -xp

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I passed! -xp

I had my 3 hr GTT and passed with the best scores yet! :woohoo: I have to admit I was surprised as this was the first time I didn't feel sick when taking it, but guess that was a good thing for me. side note: I skip the 1 hr, I always fail it.

So at least now big baby is out of my mind. After one of my 26 week dreams where she was the size of a full term baby she's felt sooo big to me, but for the last few days she hasn't felt so big. Now who knows. I'm just excited that I passed all their tests.

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Congrats! That's such a relief to not have to worry about it!

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Ooohhh... congrats! You're just a few weeks ahead of me... I have my test in a week and a half... this time I get to eat, none of that yucky drink!

Again -- very happy for you and I know what you mean about feeling big... I feel huge yet I'm only at 26 1/2 weeks... I don't remember feeling this way with my girls (and my 1st was 9 lbs 11 oz!)


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That's wonderful Tiff! So glad you passed it. One less thing to worry about. Smile

I have gained more weight with this pg than I did with Grace. Not sure what the difference is... I'm eating healthy, busy with her all day... I feel like *I* am huge but the baby bump/baby isn't so much. :shrug: I dunno.

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