I really like the midwives

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I really like the midwives

Thank goodness!

My OB told me at my 24 week check that she was moving away in July and wouldn't be here for my birth. She was basically the only VBAC friendly OB in our town, so this is a BIG deal. Her partner is very anti- VBAC and the only way shell do one isif you go inat 1st contraction, get an epidural and sit On monitors the whole time. Yeah, not happening.

I had a consult with a nurse midwife group in fort worth (about 30 minutes away) today, as they are the next closest VBAC friendly people.

I was kinda nervous because it's 30 minutes away and I dont know the hospital. But, I really like the midwife I met with. They want you to stay home with your doula as long as youre comfortable. They have an 11% c-section rate, which is awesome. You don't have to have an IV, epidural or continuous monitoring just because. (even with a VBAC!) They have tubs to labor and possibly birth in, and you're allowed to drink and have clears the whole time too. They know my doula and like her.

Basically, you have appointments with all of them throughout and one with their backup OB prior to delivery. One of them is always on call IN L&D with no other responsibilities for that day, so when you're in labor, you have a midwife there all the time(unlike with OBs)

I filled out the record transfer forms today, will have 1st official appt in 2 weeks.


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Sounds a lot like my midwives from last birth, and I think it will be great. I'm so glad you found someone you can be happy with. In some ways, this may end up being better!?

I'm happy for you!

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glad you found a group that you are comfortable with! that is a big part of a positive experience.

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So glad things worked out just the way you wanted!

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I am glad to hear you are happy with things! I know switching care providers during pregnancy can be hard--I've done it twice, in my first preg because I realized my OB was awful, and in my second because we moved.