I won't be staying

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I won't be staying

At my 18w u/s I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa. It is unlikely to move, so my chances of a vaginal birth, let alone a natural one, are pretty much gone. I'll be stalking the rest of you, though.

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I'm not giving up hope for you just yet! Come back anytime if you can.

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I'm not giving up hope, either, and I say shame on them for making you think that at just 18 weeks! Your uterus is going to do a TON of growing in the next 22 weeks. Blow some air into a balloon, draw a dot on the neck of it, and blow it up the rest of the way. See how that dot moves up? That's how your uterus grows, too, and that's how your placenta can move out of the way in plenty of time.

That said, even if it does move, please insist on having a color doppler vaginal ultrasound to check for Vasa Previa.

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I will! I know the risk. I've shared 3 boards on here with women diagnosed with vasa previa (one prenatally, two lost their babies at birth).

My MW was actually really optimistic that it will move, but I've been reading scientific articles on the subject and with my degree of overlap the odds are around 50%.

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Sorry to hear you have this extra concern. I hope it does move and you are able to have a more natural delivery. Either way please hang out and KUP.

So everything else looked good with baby? Did you find out the sex?

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Baby looks great. Healthy, active, and measuring 3-4 days ahead. We didn't get a clear gender shot but the tech's guess is a 4th boy.

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Boys are awesome. I only have one, but I have to say he's pretty cool. I'm sorry to hear that you have to deal with this. But at the same time we can be grateful for the medical advances and technology to be able to see these things and act appropriately. I hope they monitor it closely in the coming months to get a more accurate diagnosis of whether you are really out of the vaginal birth zone. In any case, I'm glad to hear that baby is doing well and looking healthy!

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50% isn't that bad actually! I was diagnosed with about a 50 percent coverage of the cervix with DD at 20 weeks. It moved out of the way by 24 weeks when they did another check via u/s. I had a totally natural birth with her! Do you have a follow up u/s to verify nothing has changed?

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Read your update on your board! Sorry to hear it girl.

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My cervix is actually completely covered and the placenta goes 19mm beyond the cervix (mostly posterior, over the cervix wrapping to the front). The changes of it moving adequately for delivery are around 50%. I'll have a follow-up mid-summer.

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Wishing you the best!